Print Advertising is Alive and Well

With more and more magazines and newspapers moving to an online format, one of the biggest misconceptions about the printed ad is that it’s no longer relevant. This view discounts the fact that an integrated marketing strategy is the best approach to marketing success, and ignores the many ways a print ad can be more effective today than it was before the digital age.

Here are a few of the reasons print ads remain an important tool to businesses today when used correctly.

  • A print ad conveys professionalism. Most magazines and newspapers aren’t free, so the ads that appear in print publications convey the importance of your products and services. Web ads don’t usually offer the same “respect” factor.
  • Your print ad can be targeted to suit your needs. If you’re doing business in a small area, a newspaper might be the best place for your advertisement. Perhaps your company has a national reach, in which case an ad campaign in a magazine that hits shelves from coast to coast may be your best bet.
  • The repetition of a print ad means, if you decide to display it more than once, your target audience will see it over and over. In doing so, you’re generating brand awareness each time your ad runs.
  • When used as a part of an integrated marketing campaign, print ads can drive business to your presence online. Including social shares (find us on Facebook and Twitter!) or a call to action to visit your website can enhance your web marketing efforts.

Determining the Best Print Advertisement for Your Business

Newspaper or magazine? The needs for your business might be one or the other, or they may overlap. Each poses a different set of benefits.

Newspaper Advertising. The advertising rates for a newspaper are lower than those for magazines. Furthermore, you’ll usually be able to see your ad in print within a few days’ submitting it for approval. Because of the turnaround time, your advertisement can be geared toward events in your community. Local newspapers enjoy a high degree of credibility in their areas of readership, which makes your ad an opportunity to increase your brand’s visibility and authority in your area, particularly when most of your business is local.

Magazine Advertising. While magazine ads are more expensive than newspaper ads, they usually have a highly engaged readership likely to be persuaded by a well-designed ad that speaks to their interests. Speaking of design, magazine advertisements offer the ability to be bold and creative, with strong colors. Because magazines are glossy and durable (and printed bi-weekly or monthly rather than daily), readers are likely to hold onto them longer than newspapers – they may even find a home in the waiting room of a business office.

Partner with EZMarketing for a Powerful Advertisement

When it comes to print ads, the biggest goal is creating brand awareness. With that in mind, we create high-impact advertisements with powerful visuals and copy.

  • We offer top design created by experts with years of experience developing visuals that speak to your target audience.
  • Our expert copywriters will develop brand messaging that will help imprint your company in the minds of those who need your products and services.

When you choose to work with us, we’ll be your dedicated partners through every single step of the process – from inception to completion. You’ll never be without a helpful and experienced contact who can field your questions and offer you professional advice.

Let Advertising Professionals Handle Your Ads