Affordable Websites for Your Small Business

Your website becomes more important to your business every day. It’s how the world does business. Yet so many small business websites are behind the times. Outdated designs and inaccurate information give customers the wrong impression right off the bat. Sites that don’t resize to work well on mobile devices make finding information difficult.

You know your website is probably costing you sales. You know you need to update it. But there are just too many obstacles in the way right now.

Nice, young lady.

Problem 1 – Costs

Great websites cost a lot of money. At EZMarketing, we know because we’ve been building websites since 1997. But the Internet has changed a lot since then.

Today’s custom designs are more complex than ever and that means we need to charge more than most small businesses can afford.

Problem 2 – Time

Custom websites naturally take more time. It takes 90+ days to build a typical website because it requires lots of decisions and involvement from you.

We start custom websites from scratch, building them from the ground up. Each site is unique, so it takes time to get everything right.

Problem 3 – Convenience

To save money, you might have considered building a website on your own with a do-it-yourself company. But the reality is that most small business owners don’t have the time to sort through all the technical details. No matter how easy the process seems, you still need to know a bit about design, programming and copywriting to get your site working right. If you had the time for that, you would probably have a great site already.

The Solution

So you don’t have the money for a custom website and you don’t want the hassle of building a site on your own. What if there was another option?

We’ve thought about this a lot. We wanted to find a way to get back to helping the customers we love – small business owners. So we’ve streamlined our processes to help you build a site that has everything you need, without the complexity and customizations you don’t. We’ve made great small business websites affordable again!

EZ to Build

Instead of building a website from the ground up, we let you move into a website that’s mostly built already. We just need to add the finishing touches like your logo, colors, images and text.

EZ On Your Wallet

  1. No upfront fees. Instead, you pay a low monthly fee to keep your site up and running.
  1. Your monthly fee includes site updates. While many small business owners avoid updating their sites because it costs too much to make changes, we’ll help you keep your site accurate and up-to-date.
  1. Web site hosting is included.

Everything You Need and Nothing You Don’t

After building almost 1,000 websites, we know what small businesses need to succeed.

That’s why your new site will include:

  • Up to 10 pages
  • Unlimited High Quality Photos
  • Hosting
  • Monthly Site Updates
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Domain Name
  • 3 Email Addresses
  • Basic Optimization
  • Photo Gallery
  • Click to Call
  • Map to Business
  • Contact Forms

How it Works

STEP 1 – Select a Layout

Select from our list of great website layouts, primed and ready to go.

Classic Layout

Industrial Layout

Modern Layout

Rustic Layout

Natural Layout

Mechanical Layout

STEP 2 – Provide Images

We can incorporate your images, if you have them. Just send them to us. If you don’t have images or don’t want to go to the trouble to get them, we’ll help you choose great images from our photo libraries.

STEP 3 – We Write The Copy

If you have an existing website, we can copy your existing content and update it for your new site. Or, our expert copywriters will work with you to write compelling new copy that fits your business.

STEP 4 – We Build Your Site

We’ll take the information you’ve provided and add it to the site layout you chose.

STEP 5 – Monthly Updates

Contact us anytime to make changes to your website.

Client Examples:

Get everything you need for a great website for

Only $500 a month

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