Bottom Line

When You Need More Than a Great Idea

Many businesses are perfectly adept at performing their own marketing—to a point. However, when you’re spending time growing your own revenue and taking care of the needs of your clients, using your own internal resources to market can become time-consuming and expensive.

EZMarketing can partner with you to supplement your marketing efforts, or to serve as your full-scale marketing team. With over 40 marketing, branding, design, and copywriting experts—and more—EZMarketing has collaborated with hundreds of businesses to ensure their marketing achieves results.

You deserve a consultative partnership that produces measurable results. We manage the components of our clients’ marketing that they can’t handle themselves, from creating effective campaigns to scheduling and submitting ads. We execute each marketing objective within the context of your business and established campaigns.


Our StoryEZMarketing began as EZSolution, a web development company, in 1997. Founder Tom Malesic grew his business over the subsequent two decades to include an IT firm and a full-service marketing agency. In mid-2015, the firm was split into two distinct entities—EZMarketing and EZ Computer Solutions—under the EZSolution umbrella.

Your Marketing Team

As soon as you decide to work with us, your marketing team begins developing a plan within your budget tailored to generate a return on your marketing investment, increase your sales, and grow your business.

  • Learning Your Business – In order to effectively reach your target market, it’s critical that the EZMarketing team understands your business. When you consult with our experts, we’ll begin developing a profile of your company and its unique position within your industry.


  • Analyzing Your Brand – A “brand analysis” is simply a study of your company, including your past marketing efforts, your marketing spend, your target audience, and more. Using the research we conduct, we will determine your areas of strength, weakness, opportunity, and threat.


  • Identifying and Defining Objectives Having developed an understanding of your company and its goals, we will identify specific marketing objectives for your business—whether you want to achieve a specific percentage growth, reach a wider audience, or increase your share of the market.
  • Developing Your Strategy –  EZMarketing’s team will review your objectives and determine the best possible methods to meet them. We’ll collaborate with your team to ensure that the strategy we identify is one that you feel fits the goals of your company.


  • Creating a Marketing Plan With the research and planning done, your marketing team will develop an outline of the best mix of online and offline marketing tactics to implement. We will set performance goals, track our efforts, and analyze their effectiveness throughout your campaign.


  • Reporting – Your team will periodically gather and interpret data using methods like call tracking, landing pages, unique promotional codes, Google analytics, and more. Our experts will report that data back to you periodically to keep you in the loop throughout the marketing process.

Reviewing Our ProgressFinally, your EZMarketing team will meet with you to review our progress. Looking objectively at how well your goals were met allows us to improve where necessary, continue doing what works, or evaluate other tactics and strategies that might generate an even greater return.

Marketing is a long-term commitment.

Your business deserves a long-term partnership to help you realize business growth year after year.

Tactical Analysis and Strategic Marketing Plan

Know where your marketing sweet spot is before spending a dollar on tactics. The experts at EZMarketing can collaborate with you to develop a full-scale strategic marketing plan specific to your business’s needs and goals. This plan will help you to identify your target customer, develop your branding and messaging, eliminate waste in your marketing budget, identify potential tactics, and define analytics that will help you determine the return on your marketing efforts.