• Develop your brand’s identity with unique positioning and branding statements.
  • Communicate your business’s value attributes to appeal to prospects.
  • Set the creative direction for your company using smart logo and graphical design.

Building Your Brand: Much More Than a Logo

A brand is much, much more than a logo. Effectively developing your brand identity is critical for growing your business in a sustainable and profitable way.

According to the American Marketing Association’s dictionary, a brand is any “name, term, design, symbol, or any other feature” that serves to distinguish your business from your competitors.

“Branding” typically includes your company’s name, logo, colors, and additional graphic or text elements. To put power behind your brand, we can help you determine your unique value attributes so you can actively and consistently communicate them.

Our identity development process starts with writing. After meeting with you and learning about your business, we work to determine what you really want to communicate to achieve your goals – from both a business and marketing perspective.

Positioning Your Business and Developing Your Brand

We start by writing positioning and branding statements.

  • The positioning statement answers the question of what needs to be communicated overall about you. What makes your product, service, business, or organization different? What makes you stand out? Why should your customers choose you?
  • The branding statement is more of an exercise in adjectives, emotions, and descriptions. It looks at the tactics, colors, and art direction that will be used to achieve your position in the marketplace. It sets a general direction of style, look, and feel – but without limiting the creative process that will follow.

The positioning and branding statements set the creative direction for everything we plan on doing for you. Developing them ensures that everyone working on your project is focused on the goal and the direction you’re pursuing rather than his or her own personal tastes and preferences. This establishes that we’re all on the same page, and that the final design provides the most optimal visual identity solution.

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Here’s What We’ll Include:

  • A review of your company’s branding goals.
  • A review of your company’s current branding and logo.
  • Brainstorming your positioning and branding ideas.
  • Suggestions for branding strategies you should employ.

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