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Why Are My Local Business
Directory Listings Wrong?

When you conduct a Google business listing search for your business on the web, you’ll probably discover that you’re listed in many different online “yellow page” or “white page” types of directories. No doubt, you’ll also notice that 90% of these directory websites add the wrong information about your business to their listings.

Of course, you’ll want the information corrected because you want your customers and prospects to be able to find your business through web listings. Incorrect or conflicting information could negatively affect your business’s search results in major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo!.

This is where we can help. Our EZListings service can offer you just what you need – a single, trusted source for all of your online global and local business listings.

The First Problem

Hundreds of Sources of Misinformation

These website directories use many different online sources to help them decide which information to display on the site. “Claimed Listings” are just one of these many sources. There’s no “master record” they use to draw and list information about your business.

Some of the information sources they use are:

  • Data Aggregators
  • Government Data Files
  • Results From “Crawling” the Web
  • “Claim Your Business” Listings
  • Consumer Feedback

Within these categories, there could easily be hundreds of resources used to aggregate and list information about your business online.

After they have all the listing information compiled, they then try to decide which information to trust. It’s not uncommon for them to pull your phone number from one source and your address from another. If your business has multiple locations, the problem becomes even worse.

But the world of business evolves at a breakneck speed, so these directory websites are always returning to these information sources, constantly changing listed information about your business.

Yes – it’s a huge mess. Not just for you, but for these local directory websites as well.

The Second Problem

Fixing Your Listings Yourself
May Be a Losing Strategy

As an intelligent person, you’ll likely try to take it into your own hands and update the directory listings—but you’ll find that it’s no small task. You may spend hours searching for directories on Google, submitting new, correct listing information, only to find that it never gets changed. Sometimes you’ll even notice that it was corrected for a few days … and then reverted back to the old (incorrect) information.

A common misconception is that these directory websites have a single “permanent” or “master” record for a given business listing, so you would naturally assume that when a site offers a “Claim Your Business” feature, it will make a permanent update to your business listing pages.

But it won’t.

The Solution: Get Your Listings Fixed for Good

In the past, the only way to fix your listing pages would be to try to find the thousands of original source directories and fix your information manually. Of course, to complete submission after submission would be completely impractical (or even impossible), a complete waste of your time and money. So businesses and web marketers do nothing to solve your problem.

The answer to the problem is simple. Find a single and trusted source for your business.

We are a proud member of a network of top internet marketers who comprise the #1 trusted source for more than 50 nationally used local business directories. These directories look to us first for your business information, and ignore the information from all the other inaccurate sources.

This leaves you with a universal listing, rather than having information and misinformation about your business scattered across Google, Yelp, Yahoo!, Bing, and hundreds of other sites.

The directories love it because we help streamline their process. You’ll love it because our listing optimization keeps your information correct.

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When you sign up, we’ll make sure to keep all your business information accurate.

What do you get with your subscription? We’ll set up your business in more than 50 directories. Some of these directories actually allow us to include so much information about you that it’s almost like giving you another website!

All the business directories list basic information about your business, including:

All the business directories list basic information about your business, including:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone
  • Email
  • Website

But other directories allow you to enhance your information.

  • Descriptions
  • Maps
  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Product Details
  • Reviews

We enter all your information in our system and continuously communicate with the member directories to ensure your business information is accurate – and stays that way.


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