The Power of the Catalog: Consider the Facts

How do catalogs work in action in an age where digital media seems to rule marketing? It’s a great question, and one with multiple answers depending on the way you intend to use your catalog. But consider some of these facts.

  • 12 billion catalogs were mailed out in 2013.
  • 90 million Americans made catalog purchases in 2011.
  • Studies show that people still prefer print to digital when it comes to books, newspapers, and magazines.
  • More than half of online shoppers use print catalogs when making purchasing decisions.
  • Keyword-rich catalogs are proven to aid businesses’ online marketing efforts, driving web traffic.

Universities, healthcare facilities, and law firms love catalogs that feature services offered. A huge part of the reason for this is that a print catalog indicates a partnership – a personal informational keepsake that enhances all other marketing efforts. Having a catalog that sits in someone’s office or on a desk also serves to generate brand awareness, keeping your business’s name in front of your prospects.

 Experts in Catalog Development

The experts at EZMarketing have years of experience in branding, marketing, design, copywriting, and printing. We’ll partner with you to develop a catalog that will end up being read cover to cover. Here’s just a snapshot of the service that we can provide:

  • Our designers are professionals with years of combined experience in developing a wide variety of high-impact marketing materials.
  • We have copywriters who will craft compelling content based on the information you want to share through your catalog.
  • A variety of paper types, color options, and catalog sizes are available depending on what your needs are.
  • From your project’s inception to its completion, the friendly staff at EZMarketing will walk you through the process. We’re always available to chat, brainstorm, or field your questions.


Get A Professional Catalog That Shows Off Your Business