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Let’s face it, Google is the big kid on the block. Through PPC marketing, you can purchase ads that appear on Google’s search engine results pages, or millions of partner websites across the Internet. That’s a huge audience – but you don’t want to pay for clicks that don’t improve your bottom line.

That’s where our PPC management services come into play. If you’re looking to run a pay per click campaign for your York, Lancaster, or Harrisburg small business, let our PPC agency in Lancaster, PA get your Google Adwords campaign moving in the right direction.

We have a qualified team with  Google AdWords certification at our Lancaster PPC agency who are ready to help! We will develop and manage your PPC advertising so it’s targeted to attract the right traffic. We’ll also research keyword and negative keywords, create attention-grabbing ad copy, optimize a landing page for conversion rates, and report on our progress each step of the way. Our goal is to ensure the best possible return on your investment through diligent PPC management.

Should I buy Google Ads?

Find out the pros and cons of Google Ads vs. SEO marketing and how to best use PPC advertising for your business.

Google Adwords Campaign Essentials

A Google Ads campaign can deliver a big impact in much less time than an SEO campaign. But how quickly you see results with your Google display ads program will depend on how well you or your internet marketing agency handle your PPC management. Here are some key factors to success:


Keyword Selection

Keyword selection is critical with any SEO program. The same holds true with search engine marketing and your Google AdWords campaign. The better your selection of keywords, the more you’ll connect with your target audience. Our digital marketing team has the know-how to help.


Keyword Bidding

With SEO, you’re concerned with ranking difficulty and volume for the most part. PPC management requires layering in a bid strategy. You first have to determine how much you want to allocate to a daily PPC spend and then find keywords that will fit your bid strategy without breaking your budget.


Google Display Ad Copy

You’re trying to get a customer to purchase your product or service or take some kind of action. Your display ad copy has to reflect that. The better your Google display ad copy, the more chances you have of capturing a click. And the more clicks, the lower your CPC and better your results.


Landing Pages

Make sure your landing page ties directly into your Google display ad copy. Like your PPC ads themselves, the landing page should speak to your customers’ pain points, be easily readable, and use targeted keywords. Also, make sure they include a strong CTA that incentivizes your customers to take action – like claiming an offer, downloading a free resource, or scheduling a consultation. Landing pages are an art form unto themselves so it pays to have a good web designer working in tandem with a PPC management expert.


Actively Manager Your Google Adwords Campaign

PPC management requires constant monitoring. What keywords are working? How many customers are clicking to your website? Are you getting sufficient conversions? Have you or your PPC management services agency dig into all the available options with a Google AdWords campaign to fine-tune settings to optimize results. You’ll want to track key metrics like clicks, click-through rate, cost per click, and quality score.

Boost your bottom line with PPC marketing

All the jargon and technical talk around a PPC marketing program can get confusing for business owners who just want to understand how to get results from PPC advertising.

This free e-book will explain how PPC marketing works, how the management of pricing works, and how to create effective PPC ads for your business. Of course, if you still have questions give our Lancaster PPC agency a call.

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The Moulding Company

The Moulding Company

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CVCA - Cardiac Care for Pets

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Dutchies Stoneworks

Which is Better: PPC Marketing or SEO Marketing?

As a PPC agency, we’re often asked which search engine marketing platform is better: PPC marketing or SEO marketing. And our answer is … it depends. It requires understanding your customers and how they use the web. It also requires understanding how quickly you want results.

SEO Marketing

SEO marketing requires time, often a good amount. You have to focus on everything from your website structure, navigation, and speed to content marketing and content creation. Optimizing each of those pieces takes a substantial amount of time and research. Plus, it requires constant monitoring and adjustments to maintain an effective SEO marketing campaign.

The upside to an SEO marketing approach is that is increases awareness and visibility in search engines, establishes your brand as authoritative, builds credibility, increases web traffic, and delivers improved CTR because a higher percentage of website visitors click on organic results vs. paid search results. Equally important, once you’ve established yourself in organic search results, it’s difficult for competitors to overtake you.

But remember, SEO marketing is going to take time.

PPC Marketing

PPC marketing, on the other hand, is fast. You can get a PPC campaign up and running in days and optimized in a few weeks. There’s simply no faster search engine marketing tactic out there to generate quick results for your business than  PPC marketing. For that reason, it’s also great for A/B testing and getting fast feedback on what works and what doesn’t.

Best of all, if you’re a local business, you can target a small geographic area with a small set of keywords and create a major impact for a reasonably low cost depending on the pay-per-click costs associated with your keywords.

PPC marketing also delivers advantages in these forms:

  •  A user will always see your ad above the fold
  •  You have control of your marketing message
  •  You can incorporate visuals
  •  You can control your budget
  • You can clearly determine your conversions
  •  It’s more stable than SEO marketing

However, PPC marketing has its downsides too. Those pay-per-click costs can get expensive fast. If you can’t afford a large enough budget, your PPC marketing campaign won’t perform as well. Paid search also requires an ongoing investment. The minute you stop paying, your results disappear. SEO marketing will have better-staying power.

PPC advertising can also result in bidding wars with your competitors that will drive costs up. Equally important, a competitor can copy your paid search and reduce the effectiveness of your PPC marketing.

Overall, PPC marketing demands aggressive PPC management to monitor bids, review Quality Scores, positions, and CTR.

So which do you use?

Bottom Line: PPC Marketing AND SEO Marketing Win

If you have the budget, the ideal scenario from any PPC agency’s perspective is to use both.  When you use paid search and SEO marketing together, you’ll get these benefits:

  •  Data from your PPC campaign can be fed into your SEO marketing plan
  •  You can drive a greater volume of traffic by targeting the same keywords with both campaigns
  •  The high-cost paid search keywords can be offset by targeting them with SEO
  •  You can test your keyword strategy short-term before moving it to a long-term SEO marketing strategy
  •  You can target customers at all stages of the customer journey
  •  Get double the search impact by having both your paid search ads and your organic search results display on Google.

Our PPC Agency in Lancaster Can Help You Decide

If you can’t decide whether PPC marketing or SEO marketing is right for you, our local digital marketing agency can help. We’ll work with you to come up with the right strategy based on your timing, your customers, your budget, and your goals. We may even suggest alternative internet marketing services like geofencing marketing if it makes more sense.

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