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Can local customers find your business?

For local businesses, it’s critical that your customers know exactly where to find you and how to contact you. And when they Google your business name, you want to show up at the top of the results. Our local SEO services are specifically designed to ensure that you’re visible in local search results, and that your customers always find your accurate contact information.


How Accurate Are Your Business Listings?


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For Example:

example of local visibility

Our Local Visibility Services Include:

Managing Your Business Directory Listings

There are thousands of directory websites online that list your business information. The problem is that many of them get it wrong, which can hurt your local search ranking. Google relies on listing accuracy to decide whether to list your business in local search results or not.

We start by setting up your Google My Business listing. Obviously, this is an important source for Google. It also allows us to verify your exact business name, address, phone number, etc. we’ll use to correct your other listings.

Finding and fixing every single listing individually would be incredibly hard. That’s why we partner with the top data providers, which is where most directories pull their information. We identify and correct wrong information and vigilantly monitor your listings, so they stay correct.

Another common issue with business directory listings is duplicate entries, especially if you have multiple locations. Our local SEO services include duplicate detection and suppression, so customers and search engines aren’t confused by conflicting information.

EZMarketing's local search listingAs a local business, you want nearby customers to be able to find your business when they search online. Our local search engine optimization services help you build trust with Google and optimize your online presence so your business gets found on Google Search and Maps.

This plan includes:

Google My Business Listing Optimization – We will optimize your Google My Business listing to maximize your visibility in Google Maps and Search.

Google My Business Website Creation – Through GMB, we can create a simple one-page website to showcase your business, products/services, and contact information.

Weekly Posts – GMB allows you to post content and special promotions that will show within your listing when people search for your business. We will post updates for your business each week to keep your listing fresh.

Weekly Photo Upload w/ Geo Tags – We will upload photos to your listing and make sure they are tagged with the correct geographic location for your business.

Weekly Review Replies – We will monitor any reviews on your listing and respond to new reviews each week.

Monthly Reporting – We provide monthly reports on how your business is being seen online.

Reputation Management

Online reviews are incredibly important to your business. Not only are they a huge influence during customers’ buying decisions, they can also affect your local SEO. Our services let you know what people are saying about you online. We’ll alert you when new reviews are posted, so you can thank a supporter or respond promptly to negative comments.

Schema Markup

Schema, or structured data, is a type of coding that speaks to search engines. Essentially, it’s talking to robots in their own language. We add schema markup to your website so search engines can better understand what your business, products, and services are all about. This makes you much more likely to display in featured search results, and gain higher quality traffic from organic search.

We believe in visibility to you as well as search engines. That’s why we report on all of our local SEO services, so you can clearly see our progress. We’ll provide detailed reports on your visibility vs. your competitors, local keyword rankings, listing accuracy, reputation insights and your latest reviews.

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