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How does marketing on Nexdoor work?

advertise on nextdoor - step 1

1. Set Up Campaign

We’ll set up your campaign on Nextdoor and fine-tune your ad targeting and how much you spend to reach your goals. We can make sure your ads reach the right people by looking at things like where they live, their age and gender, how much money they make, and whether they own their homes.

2. Create Ads

We’ll make ads that grab attention and pick the best type of ad for you. This could be ads that show up in the Newsfeed or the marketplace.

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3. Run Your Ads

We’ll take care of your campaign and keep an eye on how your ads are doing. This way, you can connect with more important local areas and people who make decisions for their households.

Why should I advertise on Nextdoor?

Nextdoor is an effective, budget-friendly platform for local advertising, trusted by communities. It helps small businesses target nearby customers, turning neighborly recommendations into powerful ads. With our expertise, you can relax while we maximize your visibility and impact, making advertising easy and more successful.

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Basic Plan


$500+ ad spend
2 ad designs/mo
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Builder Plan


$1,000+ ad spend
4 ad designs/mo

*A one-time $1,500 setup fee will be charged along with Month 1 for all plans. To manage your account and track the results, we will need access to your website to install a tracking pixel. Your Nextdoor Ad Spend is directly paid to Nextdoor on your credit card.

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Nextdoor Marketing Solutions FAQs

What Types of Ads Can I Run on Nextdoor?

What Types of Ads Can I Run on Nextdoor?

Nextdoor has different types of ads for different business goals. You can have sponsored posts that show up in the newsfeed, Local Deals for special offers, and ads that make you a neighborhood sponsor for more local attention. Businesses can pick the type that matches what they want to do, like getting more people to know about them, advertising an event, or giving special offers to local customers.

How Does Targeting Work on Nextdoor?

How Does Targeting Work on Nextdoor?

Nextdoor lets advertisers send their ads to certain neighborhoods or bigger areas by looking at where people live. Nextdoor is special because it lets you target very local areas, thanks to its focus on community. Advertisers can also choose who sees their ads based on things like age, gender, and what people are interested in, making sure the ads reach the right people.

What Is the Cost of Advertising on Nextdoor?
How Can I Measure the Success of My Nextdoor Ad Campaigns?