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What Is SEO?

So just what does an SEO company like us do? Officially, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results. But that’s just one facet.

We like to think of SEO as convincing search engines that you have the best and most relevant answer to your target audience’s questions.

We optimize your website content to answer the questions your audience is asking and help tell Google that you have the best answers. Our website optimization techniques cover all aspects including keyword research, on-page optimization like writing good title tags and meta descriptions, speed testing, link-building, and analytics. We’ve used these same SEO tactics to grow our own business, so you can trust that we’re driven by proven best practices.

Why Your Business Needs SEO

Customers find you through search engines

Search engines are the primary way most people find your website. In fact, 51% of all web traffic comes from organic search, and Google alone sees 63,000 searches every second.

It makes sense. Most people research online before buying, whether they’re looking for information, checking reviews, or comparing prices. Your customers and prospects are absolutely using search engines to discover products and services like yours

An SEO campaign allows you to get your business in front of prospects when they’re actively searching. We specialize in small business and local SEO, helping both local and national businesses like you attract more traffic and qualified leads to your website.

SEO provides long-term benefits

SEO is a long-term game. While that means it may take time to start seeing results, usually at least several months, the benefits are long-lasting.

Unlike paid advertising or SEM that stops producing results as soon as you stop paying, SEO will continue to drive unpaid, organic traffic to your website. If you produce high-quality SEO content that ranks well in search and provides great user experience, your traffic may even increase over time.

Our search marketing services can help formulate an effective SEO campaign that boosts your online presence. We use the latest SEO techniques and do ongoing website audits, updates, and link-building to make sure your website content stays fresh (which Google loves). Through blogging and content marketing, we’ll also enhance your on-page content to attract new prospects to your website for months and even years to come!

There’s too much competition

When it comes to your website, “build it and they will come” just isn’t enough. There are over 1.6 billion websites today – that’s an astounding amount of competition for your customers’ attention.

And you can bet that if your customers are online (which they are), your competitors are already doing SEO.

In order to keep up, you need to be doing SEO too. Potential customers aren’t going to scroll through 10 search result pages of Google to find you. They’ll do business with the people who show up on the first page. In fact, websites that appear higher in search results are seen as more trustworthy.

We don’t want anyone to get buried in the depths of Google. That’s why our SEO company and a team of professionals is here to help your small business stand out and get found on Google for the searches and keywords that matter for your business.

Website Optimization Checklist

When it comes to SEO, there’s a lot to remember. Our free site optimization checklist includes simple steps your small business can take to rise in the rankings

SEO Checklist

Proven Optimization Techniques for SEO


Keyword Research

SEO isn’t just about driving more visitors to your website. It’s about driving the right visitors. As an SEO company, our in-depth keyword research revolves around getting to know your business, your goals, and your target audience.

Unlike some local SEO companies who are just focused on stuffing keywords into your site, we care about finding the most relevant topics that your target audience cares about. Our team of SEO experts deep dive into the data to discover how people search for products and services like yours. Those keywords, along with semantic keywords, become the compass that guides the rest of our SEO strategy.


Website Optimization

In order for your website to rank well, search engines need to be able to understand it easily. The problem is, search engines don’t look at websites the way humans do.

Happily, our humans know the technical details that speak to search engines – things like indexable content, URL structures, site speed, h-tags, title tags, and meta descriptions. In short, our on-page and off-page SEO techniques ensure that your website design is Google-friendly and that each page is expertly optimized to rank for your keywords.


SEO Copywriting Services

You’ve probably heard the phrase, “Content is King.” When it comes to SEO, that’s definitely true. Remember, SEO is about convincing Google you have the best answers. Great content helps you provide those answers that your audience is searching for.

Our team of talented SEO content writers will research, plan and develop high-quality content, written for your target customers. Through blogs, press releases, infographics, and more, we’ll create optimized content that positions you as a leader in your industry.


Outreach & Link Building

Links to your website are like votes. Each one is an endorsement for your website, telling search engines that you’re popular and authoritative, which boosts your search ranking.

Our SEO services for small business include outreach to industry publications so we can build a diverse, natural portfolio of links that drive qualified traffic back to your website. Our search engine optimization team also monitors and audits your backlinks to disavow spammy or harmful links, see where your competitors are getting links, and identify opportunities for future link-building.



One of the biggest complaints we hear about SEO companies is that people don’t see the return on what they’re paying for.

Our goal is to devise and execute an SEO campaign that ensures a positive impact on your business in the form of increased organic traffic, website conversions, and sales. We provide detailed reports on our progress every month with easy-to-understand visuals so you can see the results. Even better, our reports are customizable, so we can track the precise metrics that matter for your business.

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Through a redesigned website, SEO and multi-channel marketing campaigns, Heidler Roofing generated a 120% increase in organic traffic and 10x more leads!

"I love working with the EZMarketing team. They are extremely knowledgeable and they work hard to take care of all our marketing needs. They cover all aspects of marketing, which makes my job so much easier."

- Chris Hall, Heidler Roofing
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As a local small business, we’re proud to provide digital marketing strategy and website optimization services for many other Central PA businesses. Find out how we can help you attract targeted customers in your local Lancaster, York, or Harrisburg community!

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SEO can get complicated. Ray is here to make sure it stays EZ. While our SEO experts are busy optimizing copy and running analytics, Ray makes sure we’re applying the latest SEO techniques every step of the way, so you always get great service and great results from us as one of the best SEO companies in Central PA.

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