Direct Mail


When inboxes get full, people don’t read about special offers or new service offerings until it’s too late, making direct mail one of the only ways to reliably reach an individual. Mailboxes aren’t as full as they used to be, giving your business an opportunity to deliver something tangible, impressive, and compelling directly into the hands of your prospects or clients.

  • Unlike non-targeted advertising, we can help you identify and deliver to the people most likely to buy from you.
  • Direct mail gives you the opportunity to build and grow relationships with your clients, keeping your brand in mind the next time they want to buy.
  • Statistics show that on average, a direct mail campaign will generate ten dollars in revenue for every dollar spent.

Professional Direct Mail Copy and Design


When it comes to direct mail, your brand needs to be front-and-center, combined with powerful images and content that motivates. Our goal is to help your business succeed with a direct mailing campaign that produces results. That means offering a level of service and quality above and beyond your average campaign, with print marketing materials that will generate new revenue streams by truly captivating your targeted audience.

Here’s a slice of what we offer to each and every one of our direct mail clients.

  • Top-quality graphics, images, and layout from designers with years of experience creating marketing materials for high-end campaigns.
  • Compelling copy, developed by expert copywriters who will work together with you to carefully craft a message for your direct mailing.
  • List purchasing to ensure you’re hitting your target.

Determining the Goals of Your Direct Mail Campaign – Options to Consider

Each direct mail campaign has a different set of goals, and not every form of direct mail is necessarily created equal. You’ll want to take some time to think about your message, your target audience, and the type of material you’ll want to mail. Your options aren’t nearly as limited as you might think!

At EZMarketing, we not only design direct mail campaigns – we use them ourselves! We’d love to talk with you about the type of direct mail campaign we feel will work best for you, the types of direct mail materials to offer, and how to gauge the effectiveness of your campaign.

When you choose to work with us, we’ll be your dedicated partners through every single step of the process – from inception to completion.

You’ll never be without a helpful and experienced contact who can field your questions and offer you professional advice.


Find Out The Benefits of Direct Mail Campaigns