Email Marketing


Email Marketing Isn’t Going Anywhere.
Here’s Why You Need It.

While some agencies and marketing services providers have moved away from email marketing, the facts show that email marketing remains effective. In fact, email marketing has been proven to work even better than social marketing, and should be included in your strategy along with SEO, social, and traditional marketing.

Do you treat emailing prospects as a shot in the dark, or is your email marketing an ongoing conversation? Email marketing helps all businesses, large and small, to accomplish several things.


Keeping your name in front of your customers and prospects.


Keeping your customers and prospects informed on a topic.

Relationship Building

Making sure your customers know you’re open to talk.


Encouraging your customers or prospects to buy your service.

How Do You Ensure Your Emails Will Be Read?

There are two secrets to getting your emails read:

1. The quality of
your list.

If you have a list of targeted prospects who know you and have requested information from you in the past (either through lead generation on your site or another opt-in service), your list will have a much higher response rate. If the list is something that you just scraped off the Internet, you may not end up getting any results at all.


2. The quality of
your message.

If you have content that offers something interesting and informative, then it will be successful. A quality message often includes the integration of high-impact copy with video or graphic design, and always offers something of value to your audience.

There Are Many Uses for Email Marketing

Here are some of the ways you can use email marketing to drive more business:

  • Monthly Newsletters
  • Product Promotion
  • Video Tutorials
  • “Tip of the Month” from Business Owners or CEOs
  • Online Specials and Printable Coupons
  • Important Announcements
  • Company Events

When you invest in an email marketing service, you save people the hassle of looking up your special events, promotions, and announcements on Google or trying to find the information on your site. Targeted messaging keeps your client base in the know. Furthermore, your emails can be easily tracked and their success measured, which is more difficult with a direct mail campaign.

Choose EZMarketing As Your Email Marketing Services Provider

Our agency employs a team of writers and email marketing consultants who are dedicated to the best email marketing services you’ll find, with success stories from many of the companies we’ve worked with! We’d love to help you develop a successful direct email marketing campaign, too. Here’s what we can do for you:

  • We’ll design the email ad.
  • We’ll write the content of the email ad.
  • We’ll send the ad.
  • We’ll track the ad.
  • We’ll handle the unsubscribes.

Make The Most Of Your Email Marketing Today