Pellman Foods

Pellman Foods is a renowned Lancaster County company celebrated for crafting exquisite cheesecakes and delectable desserts since 1973. Their existing website had remained largely unchanged for over a decade, and lived on an outdated platform that needed to be updated.

We translated their existing product catalog and photography into a modern, responsive new website design that exudes a captivating “wow” factor. The result is a visually striking and user-friendly new design that showcases the breadth of their delicious product offerings. At the heart of the new website is an enhanced gallery that highlights their range of delectable treats. Each dessert is thoughtfully presented with high-quality images, detailed descriptions, comprehensive ingredient lists, and essential nutrition facts.

Pellman Foods’ updated website marries decades of tradition with the demands of the digital age. It harmoniously encapsulates the rich legacy of their culinary excellence, presenting their cheesecakes and fine desserts in a way that beckons to both loyal patrons and newcomers alike.


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