Stoner Molding Solutions

Stoner Inc is a leading manufacturer of cleaners, lubricants, and other chemicals. What started as a small website design has blossomed into a vibrant partnership. Stoner manages multiple websites across the industries they serve, which include molding, care car, facility maintenance, and consumer home and automotive products. They turned to our website designers for help with nine different web designs, including Stoner Molding Solutions. Now with a fresh, user-friendly website design, we’re also delivering internet marketing services using SEO to increase traffic and drive more sales.

Wee our other Stoner websites including: Stoner SolutionsStoner Car Care, Critical Cleaning and Invisible Glass.

“At Stoner Molding Solutions, we provide highly technical products and services to specialized manufacturers. We were amazed at how quickly the EZMarketing team got up-to-speed on our business, and their ability to synthesize complex information into easily digestible copy for the website. The EZ team completely modernized our site by making it visually appealing, quicker, mobile friendly, and easy to navigate. This large project was also managed in a timely manner with respect to our budget. We’re really looking forward to the next phase of our partnership with EZMarketing, which will be SEO and advertising.” – Ryan Tuscher, E-Commerce Manager


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