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What does graphic design really have to do with your marketing strategy? Think about the most powerful brands that you know, and then consider your own business – the materials you distribute on a regular basis, the logo and branding of your company, and the way you’re represented at trade shows and special events. Are you being displayed powerfully and professionally, or are you lacking in the visuals that people remember even if they forget your company’s name? Here are five reasons graphic design is something you should care about.

1. Graphic design increases brand recognition.
If your marketing efforts are backed up by a strong, unified design that carries from your color palette to your logo to your postcards and annual reports, you’ll start to become recognized.

2. Graphic design says that you’re professional.
When you see a truck with a hand-painted “logo” or get a piece of direct mail that looks like it was designed in Microsoft Paint, you’re not likely to think the company is very professional. On the other hand, great graphic design has the opposite effect, showing that you’re legitimate and qualified.

3. Graphic design communicates.
“A picture’s worth a thousand words” may in fact be an understatement. Expert graphic design can communicate things about your business that would be difficult to put into words. Furthermore, visual aids and images in your marketing materials improve the chances that your prospects will truly understand what you’re selling.

4. Graphic design is advertising.
In other words, strong graphic design isn’t just a bunch of images in an ad or whitespace filler. Rather, it’s integrated with your branding and your advertising in a marriage that offers more than just a message or an image alone.

5. Graphic design is money in your pocket.
Bad graphic design sells poorly. Once you’ve paid for marketing materials that employ subpar graphic design, you’ve already thrown your money away because you won’t see the ROI that you need. On the other hand, an amazing graphic design tied to a compelling message is a proven technique for generating interest and driving sales.

Our Graphic Design Process


When we work with you on top-quality graphic design, whether it’s for an advertisement or your next direct mail campaign, we want to match our expertise with your ideas. That’s why our process is an ongoing collaboration with your business.


First, we brainstorm ideas with you. We might talk about your needs, ask for examples of designs that you’ve loved, or discuss color schemes that you’d like to work with. If you’re not entirely sure what you want, we offer professional recommendations based on our expertise and successful graphic design campaigns we’ve done in the past.


We perform research to determine how to tie your graphic design project to your specific brand. If you have strong branding already, we’ll incorporate your business’s color scheme and typeface into the marketing materials we’re developing for you. If you still need help developing your brand, we perform research on how to design marketing materials that will stand out from what your competition is doing.


Finally, we show you the ideas that we have, with mockups of some of the concepts that we’d like to work with. Once you’re satisfied with the look and feel of the materials we’ve developed, we’ll send you proofs and get your materials printed!

No matter what your graphic design needs may be, large or small, we’re fully equipped to step in at any level of the process
to offer our qualified suggestions and design services to make your marketing efforts successful.

Taking Your Graphic Design to the Next Level

Our experts are ready to show you the incredible difference strong graphic design can make in your marketing efforts. We offer the highest quality in design and branding, integrating our visuals with your messaging and advertising to ensure that people take notice. When you partner with us, you’ll have access to some of the top minds in the industry – and our ongoing conversation about your project means you’ll always have someone you can reach out to for advice or suggestions.

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