Tailoring a message that people won’t be able to help looking at is a mix of art and science. Using eye-popping visuals and compelling copy, we can develop custom informational graphics – infographics – that deliver a high-impact message from your brand, with the potential to go viral.

All of our infographics include an idea session with members of your team. After that, we’ll have our dedicated team of researchers and fact-checkers look for information to include that’s both suited to pique your audience’s interest and to maximize visual impact. Expert content strategists will wordsmith your piece. Finally, our talented team of graphic designers will wireframe and develop a rich visual experience to inform and entertain.

The Anatomy of an Incredible Infographic

How do we know that people love infographics? It’s because the results are measurable:

90% of the information transmitted to your brain is visual.

You’re 30 times more likely to read through an infographic than text.

Visual data on the web has grown 10,000% in the past 7 years.

2/3 of consumers prefer clear visuals vs. text based content.

Furthermore, a well-designed infographic can become very popular very quickly. When handling a piece of content that has the potential to go viral, there are no shortcuts. EZMarketing’s goal is to develop an infographic that will reach the widest potential audience base and position you as the expert on the topic.

Case Study:

The Evolution of Arcade Games Infographic

  • Developed by EZMarketing for an arcade game retailer.
  • Went live May 2014.
  • Generated hundreds of social shares across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, and more.
  • Shared across dozens of unique domains, many with high authority.
  • Featured in major publications like Wired, Paste Magazine,, and many gaming websites.

Our Custom Infographic Creation Process

When you partner with EZMarketing for an infographic, you’re working with a whole team of copywriters, designers, and brand strategists. We’ll help you from the first hint of an idea through the conceptualization, creation, and ongoing social media support to ensure your infographic reaches your target audience.

Here’s how our process looks:

  • Infographic idea session and brainstorming. EZMarketings’s team of marketing and branding professionals will work with you to develop several concepts for your infographic. These ideas will be presented to our creative team, and we’ll make a recommendation on which concepts have the greatest potential for success on the web.


  • Research and copy development. Our content marketers and copywriters will work together researching and writing your infographic. They will include all relevant information, with sources cited for accuracy. This copy is put together with design in mind for the next stage.
  • Expert infographic design. Next, the graphic design team will get to work wireframing and developing a visually rich infographic. Depending on your goals, this may include animated or clickable elements. Any changes or revisions to the copy to accommodate for design elements will be made between the graphic designers and the content teams.


  • Social sharing and support. Once you approve your infographic, we’ll develop a landing page for it on your site. Then we’ll begin sharing it on the web, supported by the work of our social media marketers, to get it to the people you want to see it!

Outreach and Follow-Up for Maximum Visibility

If you’re interested in taking your infographic to the next level, we can help!


EZMarketing offers outreach to journalists, industry leaders, top websites, major publications, and more to generate even more likes, shares, and comments. Getting your infographic into the hands of those with huge audiences increases its viral potential and draws even more attention to your business.

Get Started on an Infographic that Will Stun

As your consultant, we’re ready to work with you on an infographic that you’ll want to share over and over.