Lead Generation


One of the most common reasons businesses choose to build a website is to generate leads
and increase sales of their products and services. Oh sure, you want to give people information
about your company but at the end of day you need your website to help you grow your revenues.

Lead Generation

Make your website your hardest-working employee with lead generation tactics that work. Our lead generation strategy helps to ensure that visitors take action.

  • Turn your site into a lead-building machine with a system that works.
  • Compel your audience with great copy, build trust, and get them to act.
  • Develop a lead-generating strategy that fits your target demographic.

Use a Lead Generation Formula That Works

Follow our techniques for proven success and turn your website into the ultimate salesperson -the star of your company who generates leads for your business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Every salesperson worth his or her salt knows how to talk to prospects about the products and services they sell. They ask the right questions, and are adept at showing a higher understanding of their prospect’s frustrations, problems, or goals. They work to form a connection with the prospect, and then show them how the products or solutions they offer solve their problems and fulfill their goals.

To generate leads effectively, your website copy needs to do these same things.

Your copy should sound like you’re sitting right across the table from your website visitors, engaging them in a one-on-one conversation. Don’t be afraid to ask questions that relate to the problems your visitors may be having.
For example, at EZMarketing, we often ask questions like, “Are you tired of web designers who don’t return your calls?”

When you ask questions, you connect with your visitors’ needs and get them interested in learning more about how you can help them.

Most website owners don’t take the time to connect with the visitor first, then they fail to engage the visitor at all. Visitors skim the lackluster copy, then click away to find another, more engaging website to handle their needs – maybe even your competitor’s.

A good salesperson also knows how to build trust with their prospects. They understand that without trust, they won’t get the sale.

This same rule applies equally to websites.

The question is, how do you get website visitors to trust you?

If you follow the advice outlined above about writing compelling website sales copy, you’ve already begun establishing that trust. See, when you connect with your visitors by showing them you understand their problems, frustrations, or goals, they’ll be compelled to continue reading.

The next step is to demonstrate that you actually can solve their problems or help them reach their goals. You’ll just need to prove that you are who you say you are.

One of the best ways to show visitors you can deliver results is by showing them video testimonials from other satisfied clients. The conventional wisdom is true: it’s much more powerful to have someone else say how great you are than for you to say it yourself. Adding glowing video testimonials from previous clients is one of the most powerful ways to show prospects you’re the real deal.

Make your website personal! Show pictures of yourself and your team. People don’t buy from businesses. They buy from people!

So you’ve written some compelling sales copy to connect with your visitors, anlead-gen_take-actiond you’ve established trust. But don’t forget the last and most important step in the process – the call to action!

One of the biggest mistakes business owners make on their websites is never asking their visitor to do anything. They forget that a part of being a good salesperson is asking your prospect to buy from you.

Be sure to include calls to action throughout your website copy that ask the visitor to take a specific action. Some of the most common calls to action include “call us today!” or “sign up for our newsletter!” However, there are many other ways to generate leads from your visitors that can be just as valuable (if not more).



Lead Generation Strategies for Your Business

Here are some clever ways to get visitors to offer you their information
so you can follow up with them later:

Offer a Free Report

Offer your visitors valuable information that helps them make a more informed purchasing decision. If your prospective customer is in the initial stages of their purchase, they’ll be compelled to find out more about the process. For example,

  • “9 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Life Insurance Agent.”
  • “5 Things to Avoid When Contracting Janitorial Services.”
  • “Are Your Medical Needs Really Covered By Your Health Care Provider?”

Add a form to your website where your visitors can sign up to receive the free report immediately. They fill out their name, phone number and email address. In exchange, they get the free report. You get a valuable lead from a prospect who is interested in your products and services.

Oh, and don’t forget to follow up on the leads you get!


Coupons are still a popular form of sales promotion. If your business uses printed coupons, you should also put them online. But don’t make the mistake of letting someone download them without first giving you some information about them. This is another valuable lead opportunity.

Take a Quiz / Rate Yourself

One of the more inventive ways to get leads is by having your visitors take a quiz, or to rate their current product or service. Providing a quiz can often show prospects that they aren’t getting what they need right now and require a better solution. Again, be sure to have your visitors sign up to take the quiz, so that you get their information! This can be a great lead for your company.

Schedule an Appointment

Asking visitors to schedule an appointment is another way to compel them to contact you. This is particularly useful for doctors and healthcare agencies, dentists, auto mechanics, lawyers, realtors, financial and loan firms—any business that relies on an appointment schedule.

White Papers / Articles / eBooks

Another way to get leads from your website is to provide access to white papers, articles, or eBooks you’ve written on any topics that relate to your industry. To gain access to this valuable information, you simply ask your visitors to fill out a form. Be sure to give them a nice preview of what they’ll get if they provide their information!

Get a Quote

After prospects have read through your information, their next question may center on the cost for your services. If you offer customized services, your pricing will vary from one customer to the next.

If a visitor fills out a request for a quote, this also shows they have a greater level of interest in what you’re selling than if they simply contacted you for more information.

Register for a Webinar

If you offer online webinars or seminars about your products and services, they can provide another lead-generating opportunity. Invite visitors to your upcoming webinars or seminars by having them register for the event. EZMarketing offers webinars throughout the year on a variety of topics related to lead generation, marketing, and social media. Think of ways you can offer similar client education-type events that involve your business niche.

Remember, anyone can build a website for you, but it takes a marketing professional to build one that works! We want to do whatever we can to get you the best leads possible – leads that will result in conversions. Contact EZMarketing today to talk about how we can help you get more leads and grow your business!