Attempting to market without a strategy is akin to sailing a rudderless ship. The chances you’ll reach the intended destination are far slimmer than the possibility of being dashed on the rocks.

Be the captain of your ship! By trusting EZMarketing to help develop your strategy, you can rest assured that your business’s marketing efforts won’t be in vain, leaving you positioned for success and growth.

Taking You from Vision to Action

Your vision for the growth of your business is something we greatly value. It’s probable that you have some amazing ideas on how to market through your website, collateral, and advertising. However, we also understand that putting those pieces together in a strategy that works takes time and effort.

When we work with you, we’ll take your vision and put an action plan in place that will allow you to see how it’ll play out over the course of the coming weeks and months.

Developing a Strategy that Works

We will take a look at many factors that pertain to your marketing efforts and help you develop them into an organized plan. Following are a few of the areas we’ll go over during our consultation with you.

Who Are You Targeting?

A great marketing strategy requires the understanding of who your potential clients are and how to effectively market to them. Our process helps you more accurately determine your target audience and includes insights as to the best ways to appeal to them.

Can You Improve Your
Special Offers?

Nearly every company offers value-added services from time to time, including consultations, discounts, and coupons. But are your special offers working to increase sales? We will examine the effectiveness of your past offers and consult with you on how to make them work even better.

What Print Materials Will
You Use?

Because print marketing is such an integral part of an integrated marketing plan, the print marketing materials and collateral that you use to generate business should be carefully considered. If your brochures, postcards, catalogs, and other materials are out of date, we can offer suggestions on how to update them for the best impact.

Are You Leveraging
Referrals Properly?

Referrals offer the potential to grow your business exponentially, as more and more of your satisfied clients refer others to your business. The idea would be for each referral to lead to a new sale, which will lead to a satisfied customer, which will lead to another referral. But without a referral program or strategy in place, you won’t find much success.

Have You Planned Your Promotions?

From trade shows to customer events, press releases to promotional materials to give away, your promotions are one of the most critical ways you can grow your client base (and upsell to existing clients).

What is Your Retention Strategy?

Retaining existing clients is far cheaper than securing new ones, yet many businesses focus almost entirely on getting new ones. Are you investing time and effort in building loyalty and reaching out to your clients regularly? Newsletters, customer appreciation events, VIP programs, and providing amazing customer service are key retention strategies proven to work.

How Are You Converting?

Taking a prospect from the point of interest to the decision to buy is a bit of art and a bit of science. We’ll look at the ways you can improve your conversion rates, such as updating your sell sheets, having satisfied clients offer video testimonials, improving your calls to action, and more.

How Will You Organize this Information?

A management summary will help your managers and employees understand the tactics you plan to implement in your marketing strategy. We’ll help you summarize your goals, key objectives, action plans, and schedule in an easy-to-read way.

EZMarketing Will Be Your Strategic Partner

As a full-service integrated marketing, web, and IT firm, we understand the importance of having a marketing strategy in place for each branch of our business. With experts in marketing management, business planning, and executive strategy, we’re prepared to offer you the very same care and attention we use in our own business. When you make us your strategic partner, you’re taking the next step toward growing your brand and increasing your business!

Get Help With Creating Your Marketing Strategy