Mobile Websites


Optimizing your site for devices of all sizes will ensure that, no matter
how your prospects find you, they’ll love what they see.

Mobile Websites Matter

An ever-increasing number of consumers find your business using their PCs, tablets, and yes – their smartphones. Mobile websites are no longer the “next big thing.” They’re here to stay.

The problem is that most websites aren’t designed to be viewed on the 4- or 5-inch screens typical of most smartphones. Your site’s navigation links are at best tiny and at worst completely un-clickable. The text is hard to read.

Most users try to compensate for the problem by zooming in so they can see the text and click the links, but this makes the experience both cumbersome and irritating. When you make it difficult for users to find what they want, chances are, they’ll leave your website and find a better site that’s easier to use – maybe even a competitor’s website.


When EZMarketing was founded in 1997, other business owners were reluctant to believe that anyone would look on a computer to find their business.

Today, everything has changed. Your visitors find your website not only on their PCs, but on their tablets and mobile devices. The amount of traffic you’re likely to get from users on a mobile device is staggering. Take a look at the statistics:

According to Nielsen’s most recent digital consumer report, nearly two-thirds of US consumers – 65 percent! – own a smartphone.

• More than 2 billion people across the globe are already accessing the web from mobile devices, per a study conducted by the International Telecommunication Union.

• Statistics aggregator Statista found that global mobile use now accounts for 17.4 percent of all internet traffic.

Local Businesses and Smartphone Traffic

Local businesses are getting more traffic than ever from smartphone users. We bet you didn’t know, for instance…

of smartphone users have searched for local information.

of smartphone shoppers use their phones to find a store.

of shoppers prefer to use a store’s mobile site over an app.

of mobile shoppers use their smartphones while in a store.