AdWords. Paid Search Marketing. Pay-Per-Click.

These words all refer to the same thing, but seeing them used interchangeably may leave you feeling confused.

In reality, pay-per-click (or PPC) marketing is straightforward. You buy ads on Google, and pay each time someone clicks the ad to visit your site. However, running a PPC campaign well takes experience and planning—after all, you don’t want to pay lots of money for clicks that don’t actually improve your bottom line. EZMarketing has a partnership with Google to ensure a PPC campaign geared toward the best possible returns for your business.

How Does Pay-Per-Click Marketing Work?


The best way to explain PPC marketing is by way of example. Consider, for instance, if you were running a cupcake shop in Lancaster, PA. When people search for something like “cupcake shops in Lancaster, PA,” you would want your business to show up in Google’s paid listings. You’ll also want to show up for related keywords, like “best” or “homemade” or “award-winning” or “gluten-free” cupcake shops in Lancaster, PA, depending on the audience you’re going after.

We tailor PPC campaigns based on your interest, your audience, and the areas you want targeted.

Our PPC Process

Our approach to PPC combines your interests with years of SEO experience, allowing us to put together a PPC campaign that we feel will reach your audience most effectively.

  • We talk with you. The first step in our process is a conversation with you to determine your particular areas of expertise and interest. Who do you want to target with your ad? What areas would you like to focus on?
  • We discuss budget. This comes down to basic mathematics: how much do you want to spend for what amount of gain? The ROI for a PPC campaign depends entirely on what you’re able to spend per click, and how those clicks may convert.
  • We narrow your ideas down to a list of the things that you want to promote and develop a list of generic keywords.
  • We develop a list of targeted keyword phrases that relate to one another and put them in ad groups by topic.
  • We write ad text. This is well-written, engaging advertorial copy that will be targeted to specific keyword phrases in your niche, increasing the potential for click-through.
  • We develop reports. We want you to know exactly where your money is being spent.
  • We do ongoing research. Every month we’ll monitor your campaign and make sure that negative keywords don’t cost you a single cent. After all, you don’t want people clicking on an ad to which Google assigned a word that’s not relevant to your business.

The Benefits of a PPC Campaign for Small- and Medium-Sized Businesses

There are a number of ways investing in a PPC campaign can produce huge results for your business. Doing PPC for your company might be the right choice in a few circumstances.

When you want instant traffic. If you’re looking to generate traffic quickly and effectively to your website, a PPC campaign can begin directing users to your business almost as soon as your campaign is set up. Furthermore, if you want to get traffic for a timely keyword that you haven’t developed content around yet, PPC might be the best way to go.

When you’re having trouble ranking organically. There are certain keywords that are too broad to rank for organically, since the volume of search traffic using them is huge. Targeted ads using keywords you wouldn’t be able to rank for organically can generate traffic to your website as people realize, “hey, they’re doing that, too!”

 When you want a companion to a robust SEO strategy. Using PPC as a companion to your SEO campaign can make for a winning combination—if your campaign is set up correctly. PPC allows you to collect information about what untapped keyword potential your business has. You may be running a PPC campaign with keywords that you aren’t ranking well for, only to find that you should put more effort into targeting that keyword through an organic campaign. When we plan your campaign, we’ll work with you to determine the return on investment you want over the course of your campaign.

PPC: Is it for you?

Learn about “pay-per-click,” or “PPC,” ad campaigns that you can run on Google to help drive traffic to your website. What is Google’s PPC program, and how can you use it to positively affect your business? As a Certified Google Partner, we’ll show you what you need to determine whether a PPC campaign is right for you.

Let’s Get Started.

A well-crafted PPC campaign can help drive the type of traffic you’re looking for and show you where you have the opportunity to begin ranking organically. When you let us run your pay-per-click campaign, our experts will put the time and effort forth to build a strategy that will have a positive impact on your site’s traffic. Our goal is for the clicks you pay for to be the ones that will help grow your business.

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