Press Releases

Every time you develop a press release touting a new product, service, or company achievement, you face stiff competition from other businesses who feel their latest announcement is something the public would love to know about. Naturally that can’t be the case. Industry-specific news is not always newsworthy to a wider audience.

Our answer to this problem is simple. We develop press releases that stand on their own as compelling content, grabbing attention from the headline and leading to exciting developments about your business that your potential buyers (not just journalists) will want to know.

What Your Press Release Should Be (And What It Shouldn’t)

Here are a few things a press release is not:

  • A paragraph, a quote, and a boilerplate.
  • A boring (but obligatory) piece of copy.
  • A piece meant only for journalists to see and write about.
  • A primarily promotional vehicle.

The good news is that a press release has the amazing potential to be something even more exciting and powerful. Here’s what it should be.

  • An interesting story with compelling copy.
  • A piece of strong web content that will drive traffic to your site.
  • An opportunity to inform and persuade.
  • A keyword-rich article that will appeal to your prospects.

The difference between the two is obvious: the first press release has very little chance of competing well against the 2,000 releases published on the average business day, and the 200,000 articles aggregated daily by the top search engines. But the second release is something entirely different. It’s a way of creating engagement and excitement, and setting the discourse in your industry.

EZMarketing’s 7-Step Press Release Process

When you trust us to develop a press release for you, we’ll get to work creating something that will outlast the 24-hour news cycle. Here’s the process that we use to develop your tailored press release.

1.We have a conversation. The first thing we do is get the who, what, where, when, why, and how of what you’re seeking to say in your press release. What we’re looking for here is information, and we’ll work with you to gauge the type of audience you’re looking to reach with your release beyond the journalists who will have the option of publishing it to their news sites. Our content development strategists will take detailed notes so that we can develop a plan.

2. We brainstorm an angle. Our content strategists will work with our marketing and branding experts to determine what the best angle is for your piece. Will your story appeal to a more traditional audience, or do you want something more edgy and subversive? We’ll discuss in depth the type of messaging your target audience is most likely to respond to.

3. We draft your story. Next, our writers will come up with a rough draft of your release. This will include the relevant information that you shared with us, along with keywords pertaining to your business that might lead people to find your release on a Google search. We’ll also include boilerplate text about your business at the bottom. Once the copy is approved in-house, we’ll email it back to you to see if any changes need to be made (or if you want to try a different angle). We may also ask you for a quote to include in your release.

4. We revise and revisit. EZMarketing’s marketing team will revise your release as needed and send you the revisions. After you’re comfortable with the copy, the piece moves to our designers.

5. We design your release. Using an appropriate company header, logo, and / or photos*, we’ll design your press release in a way that will stand out both to journalists and your target audience. We’ll make sure it’s laid out in a way that’s both readable and visually appealing. (*NOTE: If you’re unable to provide these to us, we can either work without them or develop them for you.)

6.  We obtain final approval. Once the release is completed, we’ll send it to you for final approval. This is the last opportunity to make any tweaks or adjustments to the release before it goes out.

7. We disseminate and track. We’ll release your custom article through our public relations channels and track where it gets published, measuring its success on the web and in traditional print, if a journalist decides to run with it!

From Development to Dissemination, We’re Your Press Release Experts

Our expert content strategists and designers can create press releases that will drive traffic to your business and build your authority. A partnership with EZMarketing means constant feedback, experienced contacts who can field your questions, and a process geared toward the ongoing success of your business.

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