Print Marketing

Print marketing is an integral component of any marketing strategy – a vital counterpart to your web marketing efforts. The reasons are clear: studies have shown that people prefer print when it comes to magazines, that direct mail remains an effective way to engage clients and prospects, and that keyword-rich printed content leads clients to your business online.

Consider the following ways print materials can enhance your overall marketing efforts.

Integrate direct mail into your marketing efforts.

Direct mail remains a powerful strategy for generating business. In fact, in 2013 two-thirds of consumers bought something as the result of a direct mail campaign. The average response rate for direct mail campaigns is higher than other types of marketing campaigns, making integrating it into your marketing mix a recipe for success.

Get the message out using magazine ads.

Magazine ads can serve as an excellent integrated marketing tactic, with intelligent design, compelling copy, and calls to action that will drive visitors to your physical location or your website. Increase awareness with a brand-driven message that will stick in the heads of those who come across your advertisement.

Reach your target audience through your industry’s trade journals.

Advertise in a trade journal that offers key information about your industry. Your trade journal ad targets those within your business niche with persuasive messaging, professional design, and an emphasis on what makes you stand out from the pack.

When you invest in print marketing materials, you’re also investing in the success of your business!