Recorded Seminars

Master Your Marketing: How to Build a Successful Marketing Plan – May 18, 2018

What types of marketing should you be doing, and are you investing your marketing dollars wisely? The key to answering these burning questions is a solid strategic marketing plan. Discover our simple six-step process to building a marketing plan for your business.

The Secrets to a Great Website – April 13, 2018

Discover the keys to improve your website so it achieves your goals. In this seminar, we’ll show you how to focus your website on your specific business objectives and capture the fleeting attention of your visitors – ultimately driving them to profitable action. We’ll also give you plenty of tips and tricks to improve your website that you, your visitors, and search engines will all love.

Advertising in the Age of Integration: How to Create Ads that Work – June 15, 2017

The “Age of Integration” has changed marketing rapidly as people increase the number of platforms and devices they utilize to communicate. In this seminar, you will learn which online advertising platforms (including Google AdWords and Facebook) are best for your business, how to use remarketing and retargeting to engage and recapture warm leads, and finally, ways your “traditional” print advertising can enhance your overall integrated strategy.

How Content Marketing Can Transform Your Business – May 18, 2017

In less than a decade, content marketing has gone from a “subversive” tactic on the fringes of marketing to a mainstream strategy utilized by most business regardless of size. During this seminar, we discuss many different types of content marketing, explain how content marketing can benefit your business, and walk through a step-by-step process for how to build an effective content marketing strategy.

Conversion Marketing: How to Generate Results – April 20, 2017

Learn how to apply a powerful strategy called “conversion marketing,” an approach designed to increase your ROI without increasing your spend. This seminar explores the customer journey and how to ensure a great experience for your customers, why split testing is the key to conversion success, and how to gather useful customer data to improve your conversions.

The Marketing Process June 25, 2015

This seminar will lead you through the process that professional marketing agencies use to make sure their clients’ strategies and tactics are on target. Learn this process at our seminar and begin seeing results and ROI from your marketing. Presented by Chris DeMeo on June 25, 2015 at EZMarketing.

PPC: Is it for you? June 8, 2015

Learn about “pay-per-click,” or “PPC,” ad campaigns that you can run on Google to help drive traffic to your website. What is Google’s PPC program, and how can you use it to positively affect your business? As a Certified Google Partner, we’ll show you what you need to determine whether a PPC campaign is right for you. Presented by Matt Boaman on June 8, 2015 at Discover Lancaster.

EZAcademy Marketing Process May 19, 2015

This seminar will lead you through the process that professional marketing agencies use to make sure their clients’ strategies and tactics are on target. Learn this process at our seminar and begin seeing results and ROI from your marketing. Presented by Chris DeMeo on May 19, 2015 at Susquehanna Valley Chamber.

In-House Capture: Get ‘Em While You’ve Got ‘Em

In the hospitality and tourism industry, there’s a very narrow window in which to maximize revenue from your visitors. This presentation, presented by Chris DeMeo, takes a look at some strategies and tactics to keep raving fans coming back – and increase your earnings every time they do.

Let’s Go Fishing for Customers

Please watch this live seminar as Tom Malesic talks about how to go fishing for new customers. The bait that he covers includes: Website Design, Google AdWords, Google Local, Google Organic, Directory Listings, Facebook and email marketing.

Fishing for Customers
(2014 Business Results Seminar)

Tom Malesic teaches you where to start with your marketing. This session even includes how to calculate how much to spend on your marketing. Download our free worksheet.

Integrated Marketing
(2014 Business Results Seminar)

Learn how to generate massive leads and sales for your business. Tom shows how you can get your online marketing and offline marketing working together. This is a great look under the hood of how EZMarketing grew and made the Inc 5000 list.

Google +: Move Over Facebook, There’s a New Sheriff in Town

Does the arrival of Google+ mean the end of Facebook as we know it? Not likely, but Google+ is not to be ignored. Why? The answer is partly because it is Google and brings the weight of the Google Universe with it. Does Google+ affect SEO rankings? Is it a place you need to be seen in the business world? How do you measure ROI on Google+ or any social media platform?

In this webinar, Karli Sweitzer, EZMarketing Social Media Strategist, takes you through the world of Google+ and answers these questions and explains why it is an essential part of any good social media marketing campaign.

Facebook: Beyond the Posts

Google and SEO: Getting Traffic and Ranking

Cyber Attacks! Protect Your Business and Yourself

How to Use Video on Your Website

Pinterest: How to Make a Picture Worth 1000 Words

Need To Get Involved In the World of Social Media: Learn How.

LinkedIn: The B to B Choice in Social Media

Website Development: Let’s Get It Right!

In this 1 hour Webinar, Tom Malesic talks about how you develop a successful website.

“Internet Marketing 101”

An interview with Tom Malesic, President,
EZMarketing (90 Minute Teleseminar)

You don’t make money from the Internet, you make money by doing business with people who know,
like and trust you. Internet marketing can get you top of mind awareness and create mind share.
This can help you build that trust and gives you:

  • Credibility
  • Referral Engine
  • New Lead Funnel
  • Visibility
  • Familiarity
  • A Way To Offer Products
  • A Way To Offer Services
  • Positioning As THE EXPERT

During this session, Tom will discuss how you can build your marketing system to create all of those aspects via the web, SEO, e-mail marketing and Facebook.

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