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Event Marketing 101 – The Basics

A huge deal of planning and preparation go into a successful customer event: there’s setting goals and objectives, developing a registration strategy, deciding how much you’re able to spend, advertising, promoting, outreach… The list goes on.

The tremendous effort involved in throwing a great event is balanced out by one important fact: The best leads are the ones you convince to show up, entertain, and then follow up with.

Event marketing begins with a list of questions.

  • What type of event will best suit our target audience?
  • How will we generate leads through the initial registration?
  • What marketing materials will I need as giveaways?
  • Will our event require specially designed posters, signage, postcards, and more?
  • How can our employees make this event successful?
  • What is our follow-up plan?

Your prospects and clients should leave your event feeling like they want to do business with you, and you should have everything you need to turn that into a reality.

Customer Event Planning, Execution, and Follow-Through

We can help develop highly successful events that will have clients and prospects wanting to work with you. Let us be your source for all you need to make your next event a lead-generating (and revenue-generating) experience.

  • Don’t know how to plan an event? Don’t worry. We can walk you through the process of developing a plan, including generating leads from the get-go with a registration strategy.
  • We can design and create any special materials you might need, from posters to full-scale event displays with lighting and branded carpeting, to impress every single person who shows up.
  • From pens to lanyards, magnets to name cards, we can design and develop promotional products that will keep your brand in mind long after the event is over.
  • Throwing a themed open house? We will create materials to help transform your office into the Old West or a galaxy far, far away.
  • Keep your employees looking sharp with company shirts or other branded wearables.
  • Don’t throw an event without print marketing materials. Send your clients home with a gift bag that includes brochures, pamphlets, or a catalog of your products and services.
  • Make following up a breeze with our proven strategies for connecting with your satisfied target audience after an event, and leverage the opportunity for new sales and upsells for current customers.

Design and Branding to Wow your Customer

EZMarketing offers superior quality in graphic design, marketing, and branding, with experts who can make your customer event message-driven and visually compelling. Let us be your partners from the earliest stages of your next event, and we’ll see you through to completion with a strong brand statement that will last long after your event is over. We’ll treat your event with the same care and dedication we use to approach our own successful customer events.

When you choose to work with us, you’ll always have someone to touch base with who can answer your questions and offer expert advice. Make the most out of your next event with our proven strategies for success and business growth!

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