VP of Marketing and Business Development

Chris DeMeo

EZMarketing welcomed Chris to the agency in February of 2014 as the Vice President of Marketing and Business Development. His career as a marketer and solo entrepreneur has developed within him a true passion for helping businesses achieve their goals and develop their brand.

Businesses working with Chris experience the benefit of his wide knowledge and keen insight, with more than two decades’ worth of marketing experience. His strategic partnerships have not been limited to any one type of business or industry. Chris has enjoyed collaborating with businesses small and large, from family-run, mom-and-pop shops to corporations of hundreds, and everything in between.

Chris’s executive role within EZMarketing is to lead both the marketing and business development teams, creating interdepartmental synergy that results in upbeat employees and happy clients.

Outside of the office, Chris also provides consultative insurance services through his own small business. However, his favorite thing to do is to spend time with his family—wife Kathy, twins Michael and Ella, and daughter Sara—all of whom share his entrepreneurial spirit and fun-loving attitude.

Fun Facts

Favorite Food: A great steak

Favorite Color: Blue

Favorite Vacation Spot: Jersey shore

Favorite Movie: The Avengers (with my kids)

Dream Car: 7 series BMW

Chris and his daughter Chris looking stylish Chris's Daughter Chris and kids Laying on the beach

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