Coye Burns

Digital Marketing Manager

Coye Burns is the innovative force behind Innovate Tech’s strategic advancements, stepping into the role of Digital Marketing Manager in 2024. With a self-taught background and a decade of hands-on experience in the marketing field, Coye’s journey is a testament to the power of initiative and self-education. Hailing from Florida, his expertise was honed not in the traditional classroom but through the vast resources of “YouTube University” and practical experience, proving that passion and dedication can pave the way to success.

Coye’s arsenal of skills encompasses paid search campaigns, graphic design, software creation, Google Analytics, and website design, alongside proficiency in various software and tools. This unique blend of skills enables him to execute innovative marketing strategies that fuse creativity with technology, driving significant business growth and enhancing customer engagement.

Beyond his technical and strategic prowess, Coye is known for his passion for exploring digital trends, allowing him to lead and adapt in the fast-paced world of digital marketing. His approach has empowered both emerging startups and established companies to navigate their digital transformation efforts effectively, optimizing their online presence and achieving remarkable results.

Outside of his professional endeavors, Coye embraces the laid-back Florida lifestyle, spending quality time with his family and exploring nature whenever possible. An outdoors enthusiast, he enjoys sitting near Florida beaches and the tranquility it offers, indulging in his hobbies of learning about new tech and engaging in personal tech projects, keeping his innovative spirit alive.

Fun Facts

Favorite Sport: Boxing

Favorite Food: Grilled Chicken Breast

Favorite Animal: Chimpanzees

Favorite TV Show: Star Trek: The Next Generation (all-time)

Favorite Activity: Playing poker with friends and writing poetry