Marketing Consultant

Karri Gonzalez

Karri joined the EZMarketing team in 2017 as a marketing consultant in charge of helping our clients grow their business with effective marketing campaigns. She has 10 years of experience in marketing and has worked with clients across many different industries all around the world, managing all aspects of both offline and online marketing.

Coming from an old and entrepreneurial Lancaster County family that has been here for almost 500 years, Karri has a deep understanding of the needs of entrepreneurs and small businesses in southcentral PA.

Because of her diverse marketing experience she’s no stranger to content creation, SEO, email marketing, print campaigns, website design, social media, e-commerce, data analysis, strategy, and more. But Karri’s primary focus as a marketing consultant is ROI and data-driven marketing campaigns that are delivered in a way that people connect with emotionally.

In addition to expertly wrangling marketing campaigns, Karri is a wannabe Olympian volleyball player. When you don’t find her on the volleyball court, you’ll find her loving life with her four kids, volunteering, reading, traveling, or hanging out with family and friends. Karri does believe in the Oxford Comma, but doesn’t believe in liver and onions.

Fun Facts

Favorite Time of Day: 9pm, after everyone is all tucked in, chores are all done, and I finally have my feet propped up and a book on my lap

Favorite Food: All the foods

Favorite Thing to Listen To: NPR & XPN, sometimes Eminem

Favorite Destination: Anywhere I haven’t been before

Favorite Motto: “Everything is impossible, until it’s done”

Karri's daughter and son Karri with her children Karri and husband Karri with her son Karri and her son Dog relaxing on the couch

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