Tom Malesic


I started EZSolution at the age of 28 with $2,000 I borrowed from my Mom. (Yes, I finally paid her back.) My passion has always been to help business owners solve problems.

In 1997, the question my clients were asking was, “What is this Internet thing, anyway?” I helped them understand Internet marketing and website design. Now, we have the experts to solve bigger problems, like “How do I get more customers and grow my gross revenue?”

I love solving these problems.

In my time outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my wife, Jennifer, and my son, Ryan. We like to play any game with a ball in our front yard, play our trumpets as loud as we can, and watch Penn State football games.

Fun Facts

Favorite Sports Team: PSU Football

Favorite TV Shows: American Pickers & Top Gear

Favorite Hobby: Playing sports with Ryan

Favorite Snack: Grandma Utz Chips

Tom at this wedding Tom having some fun Tom singing the national anthem Tom and his son at the fire department Tom and Mike Wolfe Tom and his kid at the beach