Trade Journals


With all the different media floating around out there, it can seem tough at times to make a dent in your niche and begin courting your target audience. This is precisely what makes advertising in a trade journal a very important part of your company’s integrated marketing strategy. Your ad will already be highly targeted since the journal’s readership consists of people involved in your industry. Furthermore, a great ad will include well-crafted messaging and design to show readers that you’re not just a player in your industry – you’re a thought leader and an authority.

Our Approach to Developing an Incredible Trade Journal Ad

With years of experience doing trade shows, developing publications, and creating high-impact ad copy for a variety of industries, we know the tricks of the trade. But developing the perfect trade publication ad is a combination of art and science. The approach that we use to create an ad that will help you sell is known as AIDA.

Awareness. The first thing we consider when developing your trade journal ad is how we can best draw attention to or awareness of your brand. This is all about attracting the customer by drawing them in with compelling images and copy.

Interest. Next, we want to generate interest in your business’s products and / or services. We do this with carefully crafted, targeted messaging that focuses on the benefits of your business’s offerings.

Desire. Our approach leverages the interest that we generate into a demonstration of how your products and / or services solve their problems. In so doing, a prospect reading your trade journal ad will see their needs filled, developing a desire for what your specific brand offers.

Action. Finally, we want to persuade individuals reading your ad to take your company up on the products and services that you offer. This may include special offers or discounts, but will always include some sort of call to action.

Partner with EZMarketing for a Powerful Advertisement

We develop amazing advertisements with visuals and copy designed to get your prospect to that next step.

  • We offer incredible design from by experts with years of experience in developing visually engaging ads.
  • Our skilled copywriters will develop brand messaging to keep your brand in the minds of those who need your products and services.

When you choose to work with us, we’ll be your dedicated partners through every single step of the process – from inception to completion. You’ll never be without a helpful and experienced contact who can field your questions and offer you professional advice.

Target Your Audience With Trade Journals