The fast-paced world of the Twittersphere is foreign to many business owners, and learning how to leverage it to benefit your business can seem like a challenge.

However, a presence on Twitter is one of the most exciting ways businesses can interact with their online audience quickly and effectively.

On Twitter, you get to participate in a conversation:

  • With your clients and prospects.
  • With industry leaders and influencers.
  • With peers or competitors.
  • With professional organizations and associations within your niche.

That’s just scratching the surface. Your Twitter audience may be extremely varied.

Why Does Twitter Matters for Your Business?

There’s no better way to demonstrate the incredible potential Twitter may pose for your business, especially lead generation efforts, than to go over a few key facts:

More than half of active Twitter users follow brands, products, or companies.

Twitter users are three times likelier to follow brands than Facebook users.

63 percent of Twitter users follow small- and medium-sized businesses to show their support for the business.

The majority of Twitter users – two-thirds! – are more likely to buy from brands they follow.

85 percent of followers say they feel “more connected” with the small businesses they follow.

More than a third of Twitter users interacted with a small – or medium-sized business after seeing their Twitter info in an ad.

41 percent of Twitter users that follow a small – or medium-sized business provide opinions about products and services.

The statistics tell a story: Using Twitter for business marketing provides huge value for companies of all sizes.

Here’s what EZMarketing Will Do For You?

We understand that marketing your business on Twitter may be a foreign concept, and that starting to interact with Twitter users feels daunting. So here’s what EZMarketing can offer through our Twitter Marketing Services.

  • We’ll set up your Twitter business account.
  • We’ll make it look amazing, using your company’s branding.
  • We’ll begin following accounts for you.
  • We’ll offer you a one-hour consultation and walk you through our “Using Twitter for Business Marketing” brochure.

You’ll have all the tools you need to get started on Twitter, and the knowledge to use the service successfully.

Take the First Step

Call Us for a Free 60-Minute, No-Risk Twitter Consultation
Here’s What We’ll Include:

  • An explanation of what Twitter is and how it works.
  • A look at your company’s Twitter lead generation potential.
  • Suggestions on Twitter business marketing strategies that may work for you.
  • An overview and examples of what your competitors are doing.

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