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A Digital Marketing Company Near You Focused on Your Results!

Been looking to improve your internet marketing in the Harrisburg area? Trying to find a digital marketing company near you that can help you take your small business to another level?

We’re a small business too. So we know you have a lot of things on your plate. Internet marketing just happens to be one of many.

But wouldn’t it be great if you could find an internet marketing company near you that you could trust? A company that can help increase your leads and sales.

Our Marketing Company is Dedicated to Small Business

Our digital marketing agency is in Lancaster. But we’ve been helping small businesses in Harrisburg for more than 20 years. Small business has always been our focus … and always will be.

We get it … you have a million things to do just to keep your business operating efficiently from day-to-day. Inventory. Human resources. Employee benefits.

You know you need to be doing internet marketing or even redesigning your website, but you don’t have the time to spare.

We understand your frustration. We get your challenges. And we can help.

We Get to Know Your Business Before We Market Your Business

We’ve learned there’s no substitute for research when it comes to internet marketing. So we start out asking a lot of questions to make sure we know your business before we even lift a finger trying to market it.

What do you sell? Why are your products or services better? Why do customers work with you? Who is your ideal customer? What are your competitors doing with their digital marketing?

Answers to all these questions, and more, give us the foundation we need to determine what marketing tactics will deliver the best results. A Facebook marketing campaign is of no value if your customers don’t frequent Facebook.

Our agency’s offering of digital marketing services is varied to make sure we can reach your customers in any number of ways.  Website design and SEO? Of course.

If You Build It, They Still May Not Come!

We know that just because we build an award-winning website, customers won’t flock to it. You have to market the site with services like:

  • Facebook marketing
  • PPC marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Google My Business optimization
  • Print advertising
  • Direct mail

Our digital marketing services, and even offline marketing services, are designed to cover every aspect of marketing to make sure our efforts hit the mark.

You run your Harrisburg business. Let us handle your internet marketing.

What can I do to get found online?


Learn the top reasons you may be struggling to rank on Google and how our SEO Company can help you get found online.

Why Work with Our Digital Marketing Agency?

We're local

If you’re looking for digital marketing near you, our agency is in Lancaster so we can react quickly to your needs. Our digital marketing experts embody our motto of “EZ 2 Work With, Happy 2 Help,” so that they are constantly there for you.

Nothing is too big or small. We strive to make all your digital marketing efforts, even the complexities of a website design, easier so that you have less on your plate.

Fully staffed digital marketing professionals

When you work with our digital marketing company, you’ll work with a team of dedicated and experienced marketing professionals. Our team is knowledgeable in every aspect of marketing.

Let’s face it, internet marketing constantly changes.  You need to be able to trust that your agency is up-to-date on all the latest information and trends.

Here at EZ, we are passionate about the work we do, and you’ll routinely find us learning new techniques and information about our craft.

Our experts are versed in the full range of internet marketing services …

Our mission is simple. We want to help you grow and get the results you need for your marketing investment.

Our Process Gets Things Done Right

We believe that great internet marketing doesn’t just happen by accident. There are steps that need to be taken to lead you down the path to success. Marketing is more than just implementing tactics or relying on chance. You need to have a plan in place.

Our marketing agency has worked with different Harrisburg-based companies, each one unique, which is why we begin every digital marketing relationship by getting to know you, your business, and your goals. In doing so, we can form a strategic marketing plan that meets your objectives.

We manage all the execution, with zero hassle. In addition, our marketing professionals report on the results that we get for you so that you always know if something is working, and we give recommendations for future growth.

Digital Marketing That Delivers ROI

Marketing should not just be an expense. It should be an investment. So as you’re searching for an internet marketing company in the Harrisburg area, you want to find someone who can help you generate a positive ROI.

Generating that ROI is of the utmost importance. We get it. That’s why we track and measure every single thing that we do. On a monthly basis, we’ll send you reports showing you the results of your digital marketing efforts that are easy to read and understand.

We don’t stop at reporting, though. We analyze the data so that we can make the necessary adjustments to improve your results. What keywords should be adjusted? Should we consider email marketing to generate better ROI?

When you work with our digital marketing agency, our success is measured by your success.

Internet Marketing for Harrisburg Small Businesses

SEO Marketing

Drive more qualified traffic. Increase your search engine rankings. Our Harrisburg SEO services are designed to deliver results. We’ll uncover the right keywords. We’ll optimize your website design. We’ll create content that attracts customers while supporting search engine optimization. And we’ll manage and adjust our SEO marketing program constantly to increase search visibility, organic traffic, and overall rankings.

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Local SEO

Can customers find your local business in Harrisburg? As a small business, you can’t assume everyone knows your business exists.

Our local SEO services will Improve your visibility for local customers and help you stand out from your competition. Our internet marketing company will help drive more website traffic that can lead to more business opportunities.

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Google My Business Optimization

One of the easiest ways to attract more local customers to your Harrisburg, PA business is with an optimized Google My Business listing. Discover how we can manage and enhance your GMB profile. It’s a fast and easy way to make sure you keep your company name in front of potential customers.

It’s just another internet marketing service we provide to local small businesses.

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PPC Marketing

Boost your Harrisburg business in search results and throughout countless sites with a Google AdWords campaign. Our team of Google Certified experts will build a PPC marketing campaign to reach prospective clients and drive more traffic to your web design. Get results fast with paid search.

Plus, a paid search campaign delivers clear metrics so you know exactly what you’re getting for your marketing investment.

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Facebook Marketing

Your local Harrisburg customers are using social media – are you? Leverage the power of Facebook marketing as well as other social media marketing services to connect with potential customers while cementing relationships with current customers.

Just talk to our Facebook marketing company. We know what it takes to create effective posts and how to respond to potentially negative posts about your business. Trust our agency to manage your brand presence on social media.

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Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most reliable and cost-effective ways to reach your customers. Targeted email campaigns help you nurture your prospects while keeping you top-of-mind with current customers.

Our digital marketing company can help you with everything from email list creation, email blast design, writing, and optimizing delivery. We can also make sure you aren’t hit with SPAM that will negatively impact your overall marketing.

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Get the benefits of a full-service marketing agency

When it comes to digital marketing services like website design, SEO marketing, PPC marketing, and others, our agency has you covered.

But we’re a full-service marketing agency so we can help you with branding, collateral materials, direct mail, and more.


Red Rose Cabinetry website

Great Marketing Company In Lancaster

“EZMarketing is a great company to work with for all your marketing needs. We rely on them to keep us up to date on today's marketing trends and they do an excellent job. Communication with them is great as well, we have regular meetings to review our marketing statistics and our goals and recommend changes to meet those goals.”

– James Gehman, Red Rose Cabinetry

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Want more leads? Learn how investing in digital marketing services can help you get more customers for your business.

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