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Done-For-You Email Marketing Services

Driving massive results from email marketing doesn’t have to be difficult. Whether you’re just starting to build your list, or you simply don’t have time to send a regular email newsletter, we can help! Our email marketing company in Lancaster, PA will manage your entire email marketing campaign from start to finish.

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Imagine Getting $36 for Every $1 You Spend

Email marketing has a higher rate of return than any other type of marketing. More than paid ads. More than social media marketing. More than even your web design. With an average ROI of 36:1, email is one of the best and most cost-effective ways to reach your customers and warm prospects.

Email is a natural part of nearly every small business’s marketing strategy, yet many don’t take advantage of email marketing services. Why? Maybe you don’t know what to send, or you don’t have a good email list. Or maybe you’re just afraid of annoying your customers.

We get it. Our Lancaster, PA email marketing company will create email campaigns that are relevant, valuable, and that your target customers actually want to open. Our full-service email marketing services include setting up your list, writing and designing your emails, sending your campaigns, and tracking the results.

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Why Should I Be Doing Email Marketing?

Find out why email marketing services are a no-brainer for most businesses

Our Email Marketing Services

As a local digital marketing agency, we provide email marketing for Lancaster, York, and Harrisburg small businesses. Not in our area? No problem! We can support email marketing near you too!

Monthly Email Campaign

$750/mo per email

Stay top-of-mind and nurture your list with monthly emails. From email newsletters, to blogs, to sales and promotions, we’ll handle all the details.

Setup & List Management

  • Email Marketing Strategy
  • Email Template Creation
  • Write & Design Email Content
  • Schedule & Send Monthly Emails
  • Optimize to Improve Performance
  • Tracking & Reporting

Email Welcome Series

$2,500 (One-time fee)

We’ll create an automated email series to welcome subscribers to your email list and nurture them into leads.

  • Email 1: Thank You – Thank subscribers for joining your list
  • Email 2: Company Info – Let subscribers know more about your business and how you can help
  • Email 3: Offer – Get your subscribers to take action with a special, offer, or discount

Let our Email Marketing Company Make it EZ!

See How Our Email Marketing Company Gets Results


ROI from Welcome Series

Kelly Mahler
Kelly Mahler


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National Association of Watch & Clock Collectors

“68 appointments booked in 24 hours from 1 email!”

Our April email blast was very successful for our business. With the Covid-19 pandemic upon us, I wanted to change our approach for our email marketing to be heartfelt with a soft sales message. EZMarketing was able to produce this for us. Within 24 hours after sending the email, we received 68+ phone calls to book grooming appointments! We have never received that many phone calls in one day. Many people were unaware that we have been open during the pandemic, and they were calling in to book grooming services for their pets. We have gained new clients and have welcomed back old clients from this email. I am very pleased and happy with how well this email marketing campaign has worked for us.

Jody Gochenauer, Gochenauer Kennels

Email Marketing Services FAQs

How do I avoid spamming people?

How do I avoid spamming people?

Email marketing is not spam. Studies show that most people actually prefer receiving messages from businesses via email. We keep your list clean and ensure your emails are relevant and personalized to maximize engagement. Our email marketing services also comply with all required spam and privacy regulations.

How often should I send email?

How often should I send email?

In general, we recommend most small businesses send email at least once a month. If you’re running multiple marketing campaigns at once, or you have offers or sales that change, you may want to send emails weekly or even more often. For more details, check out our Ask EZ video on this question.

What if I don’t have a list?

What if I don’t have a list?

As part of our email marketing services, we will add an opt-in form to your website to help build your list. If you’re doing social media marketing with us, we can also run paid ads to get new subscribers.