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Email Marketing Campaigns that Keep You Top-of-Mind with Your Customers

Email marketing isn’t going anywhere and neither are we as an e-marketing agency. Studies show that email is still one of the most cost-effective ways to reach your warm prospects and customers. It’s a natural part of any small business’s marketing strategy.

Our full-service email marketing agency is here your email marketing efforts as EZ as possible for you. Any email campaign starts with a healthy, optimized email list reflecting your target audience. We’ll help you manage and segment your existing email addresses to maximize your delivery and open rates. Don’t have an email list? We can develop strategies and digital marketing campaigns to help you build an engaged audience.

Once we’ve optimized your list, we’ll help develop compelling messaging. From simple text emails to full e-newsletters or custom emails to email templates, we can design and write the content for you. From there, we’ll send it and track the results, whether it’s a one-time offer or an ongoing drip campaign. We can even design, develop, and optimize landing pages to support your email marketing efforts.

Why Do Email Marketing?

It builds your brand & credibility

People like to buy from people they know. By e-marketing, you’re creating another way for them to get to know your business.

Through email marketing campaigns and newsletters, you can share the latest news about your business and highlight your products/services. You can even send helpful advice and educational information that will show off your expertise and build credibility.

Our email marketing services provide the opportunity for you to target your customers where they spent time every day – their inbox

It nurtures relationships

Not every person you talk to make a purchase right away. Email marketing lets you stay in touch with your prospects and customers so you’re top-of-mind when they’re ready to buy.

What’s more, sending emails lets you customize and tailor your messages, so you’re adding a personal touch to your communications. We can help you segment your list and send highly relevant content and offers that will get your customers to take action. We can even plan drip marketing and implement marketing automation so your campaigns are automatic and hassle-free!

It boosts sales

Did you know that people actually prefer getting promotional messages by email?

When it comes to sales, email is the perfect way to send timely offers and exclusive deals. Because you’re reaching people who are opted-in to receive information from you, they’re much more likely to purchase from you.

Plus, as a small business, you don’t always have time to wait for a long-term strategy. Email blasts encourage instant action, whether it’s clicking through to your website, viewing a landing page, replying, or buying on the spot!

It's affordable

If you’re like most small businesses, you’re working on a limited budget for your online marketing. Unlike traditional radio or TV ads, email campaigns are an affordable, cost-effective way to reach your audience.

Not only is e-marketing inexpensive, but it also provides one of the best ROIs of any marketing channel – up to $44 for every $1 spent. 

By working with a full-service email marketing agency, you can also eliminate the hassle of developing and implementing your e-marketing campaigns. We’re experienced in writing copy for email blasts to increase open rates and designing landing pages to increase conversions.

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