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EZMarketing Referral Program

THANK YOU for helping us find more great clients!

Do you know a business owner or marketing manager who is frustrated with their webdesign or digital marketing? Maybe they just aren’t getting the top-line revenue growth they had planned for from their website.

As a personal favor to me, I’m asking if you would refer at least one person who isn’t currently a client of ours, who you believe may benefit from our design and development services. And because they are being referred by you, as a gift, I’ll give them a free audit of their website that will address technical issues and SEO. PLUS I’m happy to put CASH in both of your pockets.

Everyone WINS

YOUR FRIEND WINS: We will give them a FREE Webdesign and SEO Audit to help them identify areas that they could improve. We will also give your friend a $100 discount on our services.

YOU WIN: After we meet with your friend, we will send you $25 as a thank you. If your friend becomes a client, we will send you an additional $75.

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Hey Tom, Here is my referral. I know you will take good care of them.

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