How Much Should You Spend on Google Adwords?

The blessing and the curse of Google Adwords is that you can spend whatever amount you want. Adwords lets you set your maximum budget, with no minimum daily ad spend. So if you want to spend exactly $823.47 a month and not a penny more, you can. So the real question is: how much should […]

PPC Advertising: What Is It and How Does It Work?

If you’re new to pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, it can be confusing to figure out exactly what someone means when they say “PPC.” Even if you’re already doing PPC, knowing how the process works helps you understand your costs and how to get the most out of your investment. Let’s dive in! What is PPC advertising? […]

7 Key Website Metrics You Need to Track (and 2 You Don’t)

How do you measure the success of your website? With Google Analytics alone, you have an overwhelming amount of data at your fingertips. You can’t measure everything, so which metrics are important for your website? Every business is different, and every website has different goals. Regardless, the metrics you should be focusing on are the […]

11 Web Design Myths

  Every business today needs to have a good website in order to succeed online and in the physical world. The design  of your website plays a huge role in how users view your business. You may have heard from different web designers about what you should and shouldn’t do with your website. Here are […]

10 Benefits Of Business Blogging

Blogging has been around since the beginning of the internet, but a lot of businesses still aren’t doing it. Either they don’t understand it, think it’s not worth their time, or they don’t have the resources to do it themselves. If you’re not blogging by now, you’re not just behind the times, you’re in danger […]

Top 7 Reasons You’re Not Ranking on Google

Let’s face it: SEO is complicated. Millions of businesses are trying to figure out the subtle secrets of ranking on the 1st page of Google. Meanwhile, Google is like a schizophrenic zookeeper; between Panda, Penguin, Pigeon,  Hummingbird and more, they’re constantly changing their algorithms. As of 2013, Google reported over 200 factors that affect search rankings, and it’s […]

Facebook Ads – Are They For You?

Facebook is like the social media elephant in the living room: it’s too big to ignore.  According to Social Media Examiner’s latest report, a commanding 93% of social marketers regularly use Facebook ads. Despite this, marketers are often unsure if their Facebook efforts are effective or not. When considering how to spend their precious advertising […]

19 Signs It’s Time to Update Your Small Business Website: Part 4 – Technical

Welcome to the final part of our blog series on updating your small business website. At this point, you’ve checked your website for design, content and user experience. You may have a beautiful site that’s up to date, and your users are able to easily find what they need. But your site  still isn’t generating the results […]

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