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Why SEO is Important and Why You Should Care

SEO certainly isn't new, but nearly half of small businesses aren't doing it yet. Find out why your business needs to seriously consider doing SEO, and the key benefits of an optimized website.

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[Seminar] How to Build a Successful Marketing Plan

Join us this Fall for a live seminar that will help you take control of your marketing and invest your marketing dollars wisely with an effective, strategic plan.

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How to Get Better Results from Your Marketing

Great marketing requires a solid, measurable and repeatable process. Learn how our proven marketing process can help you create a successful strategy for your business.

  • A Unique Perspective on How to Measure Your...

    How do you measure marketing? It’s the age-old question that has stumped many a marketer. In fact, if you ask 10 different people what marketing metrics you should be tracking, you’ll likely get 10 different answers. […]

  • 19 Signs It's Time to Update Your Small Business...

    Your small business website is like a storefront for your business. It's often one of the first things a prospective customer sees, so it's a powerful tool to make a good early impression. An effective website attracts visitors and draws them in deeper, so they want to learn more and […]

  • Facebook Ad Targeting: What Do All These Changes...

    If you’ve been following the news recently, you’re probably aware that Facebook has been in a bit of trouble. Various scandals and investigations have exposed issues surrounding Facebook’s advertising targeting options and data privacy. […]

Fall 2018 Seminar Schedule

Master Your Marketing: How to Build a Successful Marketing Plan – Fall Session

Take control of your marketing with a strong strategic plan. We’ll walk through our proven steps to create a marketing plan for your business that will help you invest your marketing dollars wisely and measure the results, so you know what’s working!

Date Time Location
October 12, 2018 8:30-10:00 AM BIA of Lancaster County, 204 Butler Ave, Lancaster

The Secrets to a Great Website – Fall Session

Discover the keys to improving your website to achieve your goals. We’ll show you how to capture the fleeting attention of your visitors and drive them to profitable action, along with plenty of practical tips and real-life examples.

Date Time Location
November 8, 2018 8:30-10:00 AM BIA of Lancaster County, 204 Butler Ave, Lancaster

Recorded Seminars

How to Get Better Results from Your Marketing

Learn how to develop a marketing process by utilizing the right tools and messaging to reach your targeted customer.

Content Marketing 101

Discover the value of content marketing and why 86% of businesses are successfully doing it for better results with their SEO efforts.

Using PPC to Improve Your Bottom Line

Learn how a comprehensive PPC strategy can help grow your business by getting your message in front of the right people, at the right time.

SEO Strategies to Drive Revenue

Find out how implementing strategic tactics within your SEO campaign can increase your company's bottom line.

An Introduction to E-Commerce

Whether you have an existing retail store and want to expand your online reach, or if you're just developing a new product line to sell through your site, an e-commerce website can help grow your business to the next level.

Developing a Successful Website

Explore the secrets of a website that engages visitors and generates greater leads, conversions, and sales.

Market Like You Mean It

Discover how to build a solid marketing strategy and walk through a range of digital marketing tactics you can use to general real, measurable results for your business.

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