Geofencing Marketing

Get more local customers with location-based marketing

As a small business, how do you get local customers to know and recognize your business? Reach them where they spend time: on their phones! With geofencing marketing or location-based marketing, you can send powerful geo-targeted ads to your customers’ mobile devices. Our digital marketing agency in Lancaster, PA can help you get started.

Most of your customers have smartphones, which means they have a GPS in their pocket that knows where they are and where they’ve been. Through location-based mobile advertising, you can take advantage of all that data to drive more visits to your store or showroom. Find out how our digital agency can build a geofencing marketing campaign that brings more local customers to your business.

How Does Geofencing Marketing Work?

Geofencing works by putting a virtual perimeter around a geographic area in order to display targeted mobile ads. Here are the details:

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1. Select your "fences"

You select the areas you want to target. They can be neighborhoods, shopping centers, stores, schools, parks, and more – wherever your customers spend time. We’ll set up virtual geofences around your target locations.

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2. Target everyone who enters

Whenever someone enters a fenced-in area, they are tagged to receive your ads. A location-based geofencing campaign lets you show ads for up to 90 days after someone is tagged.

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3. Display mobile ads

Serve ads to your target audience across over 100,000 apps they already use like weather, news, and sports. No other tech needed. Our marketing agency will design engaging ads that get your customers to click!

Is Location-Based Geofencing Marketing Right for You?

A geofencing campaign is a powerful way for your small business to get noticed by local customers. Here are a few ways you can use geo-targeted ads:

Target Competitors

Imagine you’re a local hardware store, or a car dealership, or a coffee shop. Put a geofence around your competitors’ locations so you can display ads to their customers. You can advertise a special offer or discount that makes you stand out from your competition.

Target Complimentary Locations

To reach your ideal customer, you often want to reach specific demographics. Geofencing marketing can help with that. Want to reach high-income couples? Geofence wealthy neighborhoods and high-end restaurants. Want to advertise to working moms? Target daycares.

Target Events

Do your customers attend conferences, tradeshows or other events? You can put a geofence around the venue to engage attendees both during and after the event.

Recruit Employees

Especially if you’re in a niche market, a geofencing campaign can help you find skilled employees. Let’s say you’re a small medical practice. Geofence nearby hospitals and clinics to advertise job openings. In the same way, a manufacturing company could geofence local tech schools.

Our Geofencing Marketing Services

Our team of digital marketing experts will handle every aspect of your geofencing campaign. Here’s how we ensure success:

We identify the right geographic locations

We’ll learn about your ideal customers and help identify the physical locations where they spend time

We design your ad

We’ll design effective, eye-catching ads that entice your customers to click and ensure they look great on different apps and mobile devices.

We set up your geofencing campaign

Our digital agency manages all the details of your geofencing campaign, including the virtual fences, ad timing, and frequency so we get your message in front of the right people at the right time.

We track the results

We provide a detailed monthly report including the number of times your ad was seen and clicked. We can even tell you who saw your ad and then visited your store!

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