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Programmatic Advertising – Reach Your Audience Everywhere.

Ever wonder why ads for websites you’ve visited or places you’ve been seem to follow you around online? This isn’t a coincidence. Programmatic display advertising seamlessly positions your ads in the best possible locations across the internet. Discover how this automatic, hands-off approach can revolutionize your business’s online presence.

Programmatic Advertising

A powerful, cost-effective way to maximize your marketing budget.

Display advertising can be tricky to manage. This can lead to your ads showing up in the wrong places and missing chances to reach the right people. And when ads don’t reach the right customers, their success can plummet. Understanding digital advertising can feel overwhelming because it’s complicated.

You need digital ads that really reach and connect with the right people, and get good results. Our digital marketing team uses programmatic ads to help businesses like yours. We create campaigns that target the right audience, making sure your ads show up in the best places. We mix smart targeting with eye-catching ad designs, leading to more people paying attention to your ads. The end result is a programmatic advertising plan that not only appeals to your customers but also brings in measurable results.

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What is programmatic advertising?

Learn the basic how’s and why’s of programmatic display advertising, and if it’s a good fit for you.

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How does programmatic advertising work?

1. Ad Request

When you visit a website with available ad space, it sends out an ad request. This request gathers information about you, such as your location, demographic details, and the type of device you’re using, to determine which ad to show you.

2. Ad Exchange

The ad request is forwarded to an ad exchange, essentially a live marketplace for buying and selling ad spaces. The information about you in the request helps advertisers decide on which ad spaces to place their bids.

3. Real-Time Bidding (RTB)

Advertisers then bid on the available ad space. This is like having a personal shopping robot that automatically locates and purchases the most suitable advertising spots at optimal prices.

4. Ad Placement

Ultimately, the highest bid is quickly sent back to the website, and instantly, the ad appears on the page you’re viewing.

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Programmatic Display FAQs

Who sees these ads?

Who sees these ads?

Programmatic display ads are shown to people who have visited the website before, those who are on your email list, people chosen based on their interests, jobs, how much they earn, and certain words they use, locals living in certain areas, and groups specially picked out by smart computer systems that learn and target very accurately.

Where are programmatic ads shown?

Where are programmatic ads shown?

These ads are shown in various places: banner ads are placed at the top of a webpage or in the sidebars, native display ads are made to look like articles to get more attention, and app ads pop up on mobile devices, reaching a wide range of users.

What sites will my ads be on?

What sites will my ads be on?

Our ad space encompasses over 120,000 leading websites, from major news outlets to specialized niche sites, and over 50,000 apps, ensuring broad and effective reach.