The Rug Beater

Our long-term clients at The Rug Beater wanted a more modern-looking website. They trusted us with the job and knew they would be taken good care of. The results didn’t disappoint. The new website looks clean and makes it easy for customers to get quotes and book appointments.

“This is the fourth website I have had done by EZMarketing. I have been pleased with all of them but this last one is the one I am the most pleased with. It is interactive for clients, I can make changes myself, and the SEO work that was done is blowing my mind. It seems like the ‘EZ solution’ to choose this company. They won’t disappoint!” – Lori Stoltzfus, the General Manager


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Case Study for The Rug Beater

The Rug Beater case study

New website design and SEO services doubled monthly web leads from 15 to 30 and boosted local search rankings for top keywords.


Meet the Client

rug beater team

Founded in 1988, The Rug Beater serves the needs of Lancaster, Berks, and Chester County homeowners and businesses with expertise in carpet cleaning, rug cleaning, upholstery care, stain removal, and floor maintenance. They are a family-owned and operated business who pride themselves on their commitment to quality results. Their focus is always on maintaining lifetime relationships with their customers.

Owners Lori and Phil Stoltzfus make sure that all of their employees have the right training, equipment, and attitude to work at The Rug Beater. All of their employees are certified by the IICRC (Institute of Inspections, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification) in their field of expertise, making them a fully certified firm. Whether you are a homeowner or a business, they have the experience and right equipment to offer total solutions for all your flooring needs.

The Challenge

Over the last 2 years, The Rug Beater had been investing in radio and social media advertising with little to no success. Their marketing efforts were seeing no ROI, and they felt something needed to change. The last time they had revamped their website was in 2014, and when they took a good, hard look at their site, they came to terms with the fact that it was very outdated.

They also realized their old website was not ranking well on Google, meaning prospective clients were not finding them easily. We had designed multiple previous websites for them, and as a longtime client, they turned to us for help once again with a website redesign and SEO services.

Website Pre-2014

old rug beater website

Website 2014

old rugbeater website

The Solution

As both a B2B and B2C business, The Rug Beater knew they needed a change in order to bring in more web traffic and leads for their business.

We designed a new website for The Rug Beater that is not only cleaner and more modern, but is also easier for customers to navigate, get quotes, and book appointments online. The new website has allowed users to provide additional information, which gives The Rug Beater team a much better understanding of the clients’ needs.

We also implemented stronger calls-to-action on their new site, for example; “Schedule an Appointment,” and “Call for a Free Quote.” These have helped get their website visitors to take action and get in touch with The Rug Beater team.

To improve their SEO, we focused on incorporating targeted keywords in the copy of their website so they would rank better on Google. This, coupled with other SEO fundamentals, has turned their website into a lead generation machine.


rug beater case study screenshot

The Results

Within the first week of the new site going live, The Rug Beater had leads and phone calls coming in almost instantly! They have seen a steady increase in leads since the launch of the new site, and have more than doubled the amount of form fill leads from about 15 to over 30.


rug beater leads graph

rug beater carpet cleaning SERP

The Rug Beater is also ranking significantly well for local search for top keywords like “carpet cleaning,” among others.

At first, they were hesitant about using the words “certified carpet” on their homepage, since they have a competitor called Certified Carpet. However, by implementing this SEO change, The Rug Beater shows up as #3 when you search for “certified carpet cleaning Lancaster PA,” which is considered great against a branded search.

rug beater quote