Deb Sawyers


Deb joined EZMarketing as our web programmer in 2006 with over 7 years of web programming experience. To date, Deb has created a multitude of successful interactive applications, shopping cart programs and complex shipping modules and has only begun to work her magic for EZMarketing’s clients. A confessed sci fi junky, Deb brings her imagination for how things could be to the reality of today, often creating new applications based solely on a client’s vision.

When she’s not writing thousands of lines of programming “gibberish,” as she calls it, Deb enjoys watching Nascar, listening to heavy metal music and spending time with her family.

Fun Facts

Favorite Food: chocolate and pepsi

Favorite Color: I enjoy the absence of color

Favorite Movie: action and sci fi

Favorite Animal: Dragon (does that count as an animal?)

Favorite TV Show: CSI (the original one, not the clones)

Favorite Car: 1978 Trans Am (but I’d take a Corvette any day)

Deb Sawyer Programmer