Heather Hurst

Digital Account Manager

Heather graduated from The Art Institute of Philadelphia with a degree in Computer Animation in 1999. Her childhood dream was to be a become a Disney animator and, with a box of crayons, she began her passion for art. By the time she reached college, hand-drawn animation was no longer common place in the industry and she turned her attention to graphic design and the web. In Spring of 2000, Heather put her artistic talent to work for EZMarketing web clients.

After 13 years of web development, Heather transitioned to Digital Account Manager, a position that combines many of the responsibilities of web development with new challenges to make customer service at EZMarketing truly outstanding. If you have a site update, she’s the one to call!

Heather is also very blessed to be able to enjoy her career with her husband, Josh, who as of November 2010 has also joined the EZMarketing crew as an SEO Specialist. The two share their home with two adorable kittens named Ezra and Abigail.

On her own time, Heather enjoys spending time with friends and family and harnessing her inner Geek playing board and video games.

Fun Facts

Favorite Color: Turquoise

Favorite Hobbies: Gaming, Gardening & Art

Favorite Animal: Cats!!!

heather and her laser pointer Heather and Josh's Marriage Heather as a crayon Heather and a butterfly Heather under a pink flowered tree Heather and her cat ezra and abigail