Nicky Eutsler

Digital Content Writer

Nicky’s first-grade teacher told her mom, “Congratulations, you’ve raised a reader.” In fifth grade, the teacher told her, “Nicky will be a writer someday.” And while her professional life has been filled with twists and turns, Nicky ended up doing what she was meant to do—writing professionally.

After freelancing for the company for a year and a half, Nicky joined EZMarketing full-time in May 2021 as a Digital Content Writer. Before EZMarketing, she was a social media marketing rep for a real estate development company and ran her website. She also freelances for a local magazine, writing a monthly recipe column.

Nicky has been on a personal mission to transform her life since 2017. Having lost over 200 pounds, left an abusive marriage, moved twice, and pursued her lifelong passion for writing, she is now happier and healthier than ever. She loves using her writing, especially digital writing for blogs and web pages, to help people solve a problem.

When she’s not working, you can find Nicky doing more of the things she loves—reading and writing. She also loves doing anything outside, spending time with her husband, Greg, their dog, Tucker, and attending church. Her favorite title is Aunt Nicky, and she loves all her nieces and nephews: Samantha, Sara, Mara, Dean, and Jameson, and those related by love: Lee, Parker, Oakley, Elli, Laurel, and Bodie.

Fun Facts

Favorite Color: Purple or Teal

Favorite Food: Pizza, all day, every day

Favorite Hobby: Anything creative–reading, writing, crafting, cooking, baking

Favorite Book: The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

Nicky Bicksler Family-Photo Dollywood Dean Wedding-Photo Tucker