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Websites that Look Great on Any Device

With more than half of the world’s web traffic coming from mobile devices, you need a mobile website design or responsive web design. Our web design company will build your site to look great and function smoothly on phones, tablets, and laptops. Or, we can convert your existing site to be mobile-friendly.

What is Responsive Web Design?

Responsive web design–often called mobile-friendly web design–is a method of creating a web page that responds to different screen sizes. That way, you can have a single visual design that looks great on smaller screens like your mobile phone or tablet, not just your desktop computer. It’s a one-website-fits-all solution!

Responsive website design uses fluid grids and flexible images to resize your design. Imagine a glass filled with water. If you pour the water into a bowl, a mug, or a teapot, it’s still the same water. But it changes shape to fit its container. It’s the same with mobile-friendly websites: they reshape your website content, so it fits on any size screen.

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What is responsive web design?

Why You Need a Mobile Website Design

Why should you worry about responsive web design? Because mobile-friendly design isn’t a nice-to-have anymore. It’s a must-have. Here’s why:

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Your Customers Want a Mobile Website Design

Not only do your customers want a mobile-friendly user experience, they expect it.

In fact, 85% of adults think your mobile website design should be as good or better than your desktop site. What’s more, 57% of people say they wouldn’t recommend a business with poor mobile web design.

With mobile website design in Lancaster, PA and beyond, we’ll ensure your site creates a great user experience on any mobile device.

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Google Prioritizes Mobile Web Design

Google’s algorithms take a mobile-first approach, meaning they look at the mobile version of your site first, before your desktop version.

If your site isn’t mobile-friendly, you’re probably not going to rank well in search results. By making your web design responsive, you ensure that Google sees all the content on your website, regardless of what mobile device your customer uses to search.

Our web design company can help you build a professional, responsive website that meets Google’s standards. We also offer digital marketing and search engine optimization services that can get your business found online.

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Responsive Design Eliminates the Need for Multiple Websites

In the early days of mobile web design, website designers created a standalone mobile site that was often just a stripped-down version of the desktop website. That meant maintaining two separate websites.

Today, there are so many different devices and screen dimensions that you’d likely need 20 different websites. Sounds like too much hassle to us, too!

Responsive web designs eliminate the need for multiple websites by simply adapting the same design to different screen sizes. Our web development team will design a single mobile-friendly website that looks great, no matter the device.

Let’s Make You Look Great on Any Device

Mobile Website Design Made EZ

How easy is it to get a responsive website from us? So easy it’s automatic! Every new website we design is mobile-friendly by default. We can also update your existing website to be responsive. Here are just a few of our favorite mobile website designs:

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“The website looks fantastic, especially on my cell phone!”

Very happy with how our new website turned out. One of my favorite parts is how great it looks on my cell phone. When I tell people about our site, I can just have them pull it up on their phone and they can see everything about us. You can even click on the phone number, and it dials automatically. It’s a huge improvement over our old website and lets us share more information than ever before. The process of working with EZMarketing was great, and the website looks fantastic!

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Tony Fischer

Mobile Website Design FAQs

What is the difference between a mobile website and a responsive design?

What is the difference between a mobile website and a responsive design?

Nowadays, most people use the terms mobile design, responsive, and mobile-friendly interchangeably. They mean a website that adapts to fit whatever screen size you’re using. Older mobile website designs may have been standalone sites with different content than the desktop version of the website.

How can I tell if my current website is mobile-friendly?

How can I tell if my current website is mobile-friendly?

You can test your website right now using Google’s mobile-friendly testing tool:

How much does a mobile website design cost?

How much does a mobile website design cost?

All the websites we build are designed to look great on mobile. It doesn’t cost anything extra. We typically charge by the hour to convert an existingsite to a responsive design. Visit our website pricing page for more details, or contact us to get a quote.