The Business Owner’s Guide to Designing a Website for Your Business

The perfect resource for small business owners who want to learn about building an effective business website design.

Your website is one of your business’s most important assets. The vast majority of your customers will search for your business online and check your website before buying from you. It’s the center of your online presence and can be a powerful tool for generating awareness, building trust, and driving sales for your business.

For small business owners, making sure that you get a great website design that’s built right is more important than ever. This guide will give you a comprehensive overview of what goes into creating a professional business website design, including useful tips and best practices to make your next website project a success!

Who is this Guide For?

As a small business owner myself, I wrote this guide for other business owners who want to learn more about what it means to build a great website. Whether you’re doing the work yourself or working with a professional website designer, this guide will give you a framework for understanding all the key elements of your site, and what makes a website design effective or not.

For marketers, website designers, and anyone else involved in the web design, this isn’t a technical guide, but you’re still sure to pick up helpful insights to help you improve your craft.

About the Author

Tom Malesic

Tom Malesic is the President of EZMarketing, a Lancaster, PA-based web design company & digital marketing agency. Learn More.

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What You’ll Learn:

Chapter 1:

How to Plan Your New Website Design

Discover why planning is the most important step for your web design and development project, and how to lay the groundwork for success.

  • Defining your website’s purpose
  • The 3 key questions every website needs to answer
  • Planning the website design, content, and functionality of your site

Chapter 2:

8 Basic Principles of Good Web Design

Learn about what makes a “good” website design, and how that goes far beyond just making it look pretty.

  • Applying basic web design principles, without being a designer
  • How web design can make it easy for your website visitors
  • Examples of website designs that are doing it right

Chapter 3:

Creating Compelling Website Copy & Content

Make sure your website is communicating your story in a powerful way with both your written and visual content.

  • How to create content that resonates with your customers
  • Understanding the challenges of writing for the web
  • Optimizing your content to get found online

Chapter 4:

How to Create an Engaging Website User Experience

Find out why a great website isn’t just about looking good, and learn how to apply simple tips to improve your website’s user experience.

  • What user experience means and why it’s important for your website design
  • Simple tips to make your website easier to use
  • A real-life example of a small business improving their website’s user experience

Chapter 5:

Web Analytics Basics: How to Tell if Your Website is Any Good

How do you know if your website is working or not? Learn how to measure, analyze, and draw meaningful insights from your website.

  • Measuring the right things with the right tools
  • Establishing baselines and expectations
  • How to understand your analytics data and reports
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