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Looking for web design in Harrisburg, PA? Have you been talking to a web designer near you to see if they can meet your objectives but just not finding the right agency?

Maybe you’re just not looking in the right spot. Talk with our website design company in Lancaster. Our focus is on small business and, as the name implies, we’re EZ to work with!

Finding the Right Website Designer

Our firm knows that it can be a difficult task to find a designer that understands your goals and objectives … and is willing to take the time to understand your business and customers. That last part is key.

Your designer has to know your customers, especially. Otherwise, how they can possibly develop a website that will address those customers’ needs.

Our Lancaster website design and SEO company has more than 20 years of experience in delivering custom design and development services to local businesses. Each website design we create is built to capture and present your brand in the right fashion to help you gain new customers.

What kind of website design do you need?

You can feel confident with our experienced team of developers. Our web design services cover almost any website you could need:

We’ll help you uncover your requirements with an initial discovery session where we’ll talk with you about your business, your competitors, and your customers. We’ll map out personas so we know how your customer segments vary. That allows us to map out appropriate content marketing to address each segments’ pain points.

In the end, we’ll deliver a user-focused, search optimized website design that sets you apart from your local competitors. Most important, it will talk to your customers and potential customers in a way they can understand to drive them to purchase.

Top 10 questions to ask your website designer.

Thinking about hiring a website developer? Here are the top 10 questions you should ask before you decide on a web design company.

Selecting the Right Web Designer Near You

When you start searching for a Harrisburg web design company for your business, you’ll quickly realize that there are tons of web developers recommending their services. So where do you start?

Does Your Web Design Company Understand Your Business?

You want your web design to stand out from your competitors with a great design and, just as important, compelling content.

That means your web designer needs to ask all the right questions to get to know your business and clients. No agency can design a site without first understanding the business they’re representing.

At EZ, our agency starts off every website design project with a deep-dive discovery of you and your business. We want to know all about you, your business, and your customers in-depth and satisfy your needs.

An Extensive Website Design Portfolio

Great web designers should have a strong, variety-filled portfolio of work. Make sure any web firm you talk with can show you a portfolio of designs. More important, ask them how those designs helped a business achieve its goals.

Our agency is always willing to share our client success stories. We’ve done hundreds of web development projects for small businesses in Harrisburg, PA, throughout Pennsylvania, and across the country. And we’ve delivered serious results.

Make Sure Your Website Designer Sweats the Details

Your business needs a Harrisburg web developer who has the resources and expertise to keep up with modern trends and industry standards.

Are their web designs fast?

Do they incorporate clear calls-to-action on their web pages?

Have their sites been optimized for search engines?

Have their designs been optimized for mobile devices using responsive design?

Every site we design and develop is mobile friendly. Our web designers sit down with our SEO team to make sure site designs are optimized to perform for search engines. Our content writers make sure your web pages have clear CTAs asking customers to take some kind of action. And oh yeah, we track those actions and report them to you.

Get the Best Harrisburg Website Design!

Website Design Done the Right Way

Great website design is more than just visually appealing; it also functions great. We follow a rigid design and development process to make sure your website is done the right way.

We research and learn about your business to understand your goals and objectives. Our web designers dive into your branding to know just how to present your business to prospects.

Speaking of customers, we get to know what makes them tick and what they want to discover by visiting your website. It’s the single most important thing any web design company can do.

We also never approach our designs to win awards. Our award, and reward, is helping your business grow. We constantly strive to produce the best website design for our client partners to help convert visitors to buyers.

We’re EZ 2 Work With

What constitutes “great customer service?” It’s something every digital marketing agency promises … unfortunately,  most don’t deliver on.

We’ve seen the aftermath of design companies that make the entire process of website design and development dreadful, and then… “poof!”… they are gone the moment the site launches.

Our dedication to our clients goes above and beyond. We live it every day with our motto … “EZ 2 Work With and Happy to Help.”

Our clients are our partners. We want to help make your lives as easy as possible, especially when it comes to web development.

Our website design company is ready to help you with a new design, website refresh, or even just minor changes. We have your back! And after we’ve developed your website, we have a great offering of digital marketing services to increase your traffic.

Web Design & Beyond

Great website design – check. Functions great – check. Mobile friendly – check. Optimized for SEO – check. But how are you going to get people to that new website?

Our services don’t stop at website design. As a full-service digital marketing agency, we’re staffed with a team of professionals up-to-date with all the latest trends.

We offer a range of internet marketing services:

We can help you uncover the best marketing options for your business and assist in driving more traffic and potential customers to your website to drive your success.

Results that Matter

A lot of web designers near you can design a good-looking website, but what happens after that design goes live? Are they going to be there to help optimize your results?

What sets us apart as a website design company is our focus on results.  Each and every one of our websites is developed with your goals and objectives in mind.

We manage expectations. We track results. We adjust. We deliver digital solutions that make good things happen to and for your business.

Your Website Design Experts

In the ever-changing world of digital marketing, you don’t want just one person focusing on marketing your business. You want a digital marketing agency with a team of professionals and an immense variety of skills dedicated to helping clients.

Our web design company can develop a comprehensive marketing strategy for your business, based on our combined wealth of knowledge and experience.

We’re more than your marketing company –  we are an addition to your small business team.

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I Couldn't Be Happier with the Results

“EZMarketing recently redesigned our entire website and I couldn’t be happier with the results. Their team is responsive and helpful, and the work was efficient and error-free. I look forward to working with them on other projects in the future.”

– Bobby Scott, RiteScreen Company

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