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We know that it can be a difficult task to find a website designer that understands your needs and wants. You are not alone in feeling stuck – many Harrisburg small business owners do. And if you have been searching for some time, you know how many web design companies are out there. But how do you know if they are the right fit for your business?

Here at EZMarketing, we have more than 20 years of experience in delivering tailored website design and development services to Harrisburg and its surrounding areas. Each website we create is designed to capture your brand and help you attain new customers.

You can feel confident with our experienced team of web developers, here to build you a small business website, a custom-designed website, or an e-commerce web design, whichever you need. We strive to produce visually stunning, optimized web design for your business that helps you achieve success and set you apart from the rest.

How to Choose a Website Designer in Harrisburg, PA

When you start searching for a local web design company for your business, you’ll quickly realize that there are numerous website development companies recommending their digital services in Harrisburg. With so many options available, how do you know who is the best website designer for your business?

A Web Design Company that Goes Above and Beyond

You want your web design to stand out from your competitors. So that means your website’s content has to be top-notch, which means your web developer should be asking all the right questions to get to know your business and clients. At EZ, we start off every web design project with deep discovery of you and your business. That way, we can get to know you, your business, and your customers in-depth and satisfy your needs.

An Extensive Website Design Portfolio

Great website designers should have a strong, variety-filled portfolio of their work. When asked, they are willing to share examples of clients’ web designs with you and how they helped to achieve their goals. We are always willing to share our clients’ successes with you as we pride ourselves on the hundreds of wonderful web design projects we have produced in Harrisburg, PA, throughout Pennsylvania, and across the country.

You Deserve a Dependable Web Developer

Your business needs a web designer who has the resources and expertise to keep up with modern trends and industry standards. You’re looking for a reputable web developer who is local to Harrisburg because you want someone you can trust to create an amazing website design and make the process easy by being readily accessible when you have questions, concerns or changes. At EZ, we’re always happy to help – before, during, and after your website launches.

We're Your Solution for Great Harrisburg Website Development!

Website Design Done Right

Great website design is more than just visually appealing; it also functions great. By following our proven web design and development process, we know what is needed to create stunning web designs. We do this by researching and learning about your business to discover what it is that you need and want.

We design all our websites to be responsive and mobile-friendly, as this is a requirement in today’s world. When your website is functioning properly, your local Harrisburg, PA customers are able to find you on their tablets, phones, and desktops.

We strive to produce for you a website design that you can be proud of, and that you love.

We’re EZ 2 Work With

What constitutes “great customer service?” This is something almost all internet marketing agencies promise but most don’t deliver on. We’ve seen too many web design companies make the whole process of creating your website dreadful, and then… “poof!”… they are gone the moment it launches.

This approach doesn’t sit well with us.

Our dedication to our clients goes above and beyond, which is why we have embraced the motto of “EZ 2 Work With and Happy to Help.” We truly care about our clients, and we want to help make your lives as easy as possible, especially when it comes to your website development. Your website should always be a help, not a hindrance, to your business.

Our office is located in Lancaster, PA just a short distance from Harrisburg. Our team is always available to help you with a new web design, website refresh, or even just minor changes. We have your back!

Web Design & Beyond

You have your checklist in hand; great website design – check. Functions great – check. But what about getting people to your beautiful, new website?

With a whole team of internet marketing experts who have experience in all facets of digital marketing services, we are here to help you. We service not only Harrisburg, Lancaster, and York, but also customers across PA and the country.

We offer a range of internet marketing services including SEOGoogle Ads/PPC advertisingSocial Media marketing, email marketing, and more. As a full-service digital marketing agency, we can help you distinguish the best marketing options for your business and assist in driving more traffic and potential customers to your online web presence.

Results that Matter

A lot of website designers in and around Harrisburg can design you a good-looking website, but what happens after the website goes live?

What sets us apart from the rest is that we don’t just stop at designing a pretty website; we strive to get you the results you deserve. Each and every one of our websites is designed with your customers in mind. From the very first step to the last, we are thinking about your unique objectives.

This is because we develop your website to get results that matter for you and your business. We want to make your business stand out so that you can draw in new visitors and convert them to customers.

Your EZ Experts

In the ever-changing world of internet marketing, you don’t want just one person focusing on marketing your business. You want an internet marketing agency with a team of experts and an immense variety of skills dedicated to helping clients.

Together as a team, we are able to develop a comprehensive marketing strategy for your business, based on our combined wealth of knowledge and experience. We are more than your marketing company –  we are an addition to your own team.

Web Designs from Our Harrisburg, PA Clients:

PASR Webpage

Pennsylvania Association of School Retirees

Ritescreen Homepage

RiteScreen Company

Ritescreen Homepage

I Couldn't Be Happier with the Results

“EZMarketing recently redesigned our entire website and I couldn’t be happier with the results. Their team is responsive and helpful, and the work was efficient and error-free. I look forward to working with them on other projects in the future.”

– Bobby Scott, RiteScreen Company

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