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Understanding Reddit

Why advertise on Reddit?

Precision targeting

With Reddit, we can get extremely specific with whom we advertise to. We’ll pick subreddits where your ads will show up to people who are already interested in what you’re selling. It’s like putting your ad right in front of the perfect customer.

reddit advertising - engaged community

Engaged communities

People on Reddit really get into discussions and care about the topics they follow. When you put an ad in a subreddit, the people seeing it are more likely to pay attention and engage with it because it’s something they’re interested in.

advertising on reddit - diverse audience

Diverse audience

Reddit has all sorts of people from everywhere, interested in tons of different things. This is great for your ads because you can reach a wide range of people, or find the exact type of person you’re looking to talk to, all in one place.

advertise on reddit - authenticity first

Authenticity first

Reddit users like real, honest content. So, if your brand is all about being genuine and straightforward, you’ll fit right in. Being authentic with your ads can help build trust with potential customers on Reddit.

advertising on reddit - niche market

Niche Marketing

Because Reddit has so many specific groups, it’s a fantastic place for targeting niche markets. If people need specific products, Reddit has a community for them, which means your ads are way more effective.

Should I invest in Reddit advertising?

Reddit advertising is a smart choice for small business owners. With engaged users and a platform that values authenticity, your ads are more likely to resonate and spark interest. Reddit helps you connect genuinely and cost-effectively, making it an excellent tool for growing your business.

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+$250/additional channel
$250 minimum media spend
1 ad/mo
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+$500/additional channel
$500 minimum media spend
2 ads/mo
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+$750/additional channel
$1,000 minimum media spend
4 ads/mo

*A one-time $1,500 setup fee will be charged along with Month 1 for all plans.

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Reddit Advertising Solutions FAQs

How does Reddit advertising target the right customer?

How does Reddit advertising target the right customer?

Reddit lets you pick specific groups, called subreddits, that match what you’re selling or talking about. So, your ads show up for folks who are already into those things. It’s like putting your flyer in a club that loves what you offer.

Why is engagement higher on Reddit compared to other platforms?

Why is engagement higher on Reddit compared to other platforms?

Since Reddit is all about groups of people who share the same hobbies or interests, they’re more likely to care about and look at your ad. It’s because you’re showing them something they’re already interested in, so they’re more into it.

Can small businesses really benefit from Reddit's diverse audience?