Alan Manufacturing

Alan Manufacturing & Supply (AMS) manufactures the highest quality water treatment equipment, under their Waterfall Systems brand name, and they cater exclusively to water treatment professionals, plumbers, and installers. AMS was working with an old website design that included outdated information. They were referred to EZMarketing for help with their new website design project. We built them a modern, responsive website that helps set them as the industry leader in their field.

“Very happy with how our new website turned out. One of my favorite parts is how great it looks on my cell phone. When I tell people about our site, I can just have them pull it up on their phone and they can see everything about us. You can even click on the phone number, and it dials automatically. It’s a huge improvement over our old website and lets us share more information than ever before. The process of working with EZMarketing was great, and the website looks fantastic!” -Tony Fischer, Owner


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