Boardman Inc

Boardman’s website has been entirely reimagined for a brand new client who was facing challenges in lead generation with their previous site. Recognizing the need to refine their messaging to emphasize “stewardship” and to adopt a more customer-centric approach, the site has been restructured to directly address these goals. Now optimized for search engines, it clearly presents the diverse industries Boardman serves, along with detailed sections on the main categories of products they offer. A visually engaging gallery has been added to display the extensive range of their work, demonstrating Boardman’s capability and versatility. To further streamline lead capture and organization, a custom Request For Quote form has been integrated, making it easier for potential clients to connect and for Boardman to efficiently manage inquiries. This comprehensive overhaul not only enhances the site’s usability and relevance for visitors but also positions Boardman as a leader in their field, attentive to both stewardship and customer needs.


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