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Chickens! Freedom Ranger Hatchery is a family of hatcheries whose collective goal is hatching the strongest, healthiest, free-range birds on the market. Including a wide variety of broilers, egg-layers, ducks, geese, and other fowl. They not only hatch, sell, and ship their products. But they also oversee shipping from the 3 other operations that are included in their family of hatcheries.

Freedom Ranger has been an EZ client since 2013, and they knew before going into 2022 that they needed a new e-commerce website. And they turned to us for help with the project. We built them a responsive, optimized e-commerce website that places them as a leader in their industry and makes it easier for them to sell their high-quality chickens. Their new website coupled with their ongoing SEO services will be a lead-producing powerhouse for Freedom Ranger and their family of hatcheries.

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