Schutte & Koerting (S&K)

Schutte & Koerting (S&K) is a leading designer and manufacturer of industrial power and process equipment, including steam jet vacuum systems, thermocompressors, desuperheaters, and more. Their challenge with their website was presenting these complex technical products in a way that was understandable to their engineering customer-base.

The new website design does just that by simplifying navigation and categorizing their products for easier discovery. Use of accordions in the page layout mean there’s plenty of SEO-optimized content for search engines, but it’s much easier to read and digest for users. To help their customers find the right products, we also added an Application Selection chart as well as a project library with detailed product brochures and specifications. Finally, the redesigned project gallery showcases their breadth of industrial projects, and each product category has its own quote form to streamline the RFQ process.

Even though most of us will never need a multi-stage steam jet ejector, S&K’s website is a great example of how to design for a highly technical industry and make it understandable and accessible for the customer.


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