Zach Heindel

Web Designer/Developer

Zach joined EZMarketing in 2020 as a web designer/developer. He brings a strong background in graphic design to the team, as well as a skill set focused on front-end web development.

Zach is a lifetime learner who loves getting things done. That’s why he’s dedicated to crafting impactful web content that creates the best possible impression for our clients.

In his leisure time, Zach enjoys cooking with friends, recording music for his band, and biking around Lancaster County. He also enjoys delving into all things social and philosophical and has also been known to bust a rhyme or two. Zach is always interested in networking and meeting new people, so say “hi” and connect with him on LinkedIn.

Fun Facts

Favorite Dessert: Vanilla Peanut Butter Ice Cream

Favorite TV Shows: Scrubs, Cops, Futurama, The League, Superstore

Favorite Superhero: Deadpool

Favorite Author: Robert Greene

Zach Heindel